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Again Sir Stanley examined his finger-nails as though searching for some f nike air max 90 sale law.
“Then you will be surprised to learn,” he drawled at last, “that you sat next to him in the cooling-room of the Yildiz Turkish Baths.”
The colonel’s heart missed a beat, but he did not flinch.
“You surprise me,” he said. “I have only been to the Tu nike air max rkish baths once during the past three months, and that was yesterday.”
Sir Stanley nodded.
“According to my information, which w nike air max as supplied to me by my very able assistant, Mr. Stafford King, that was also the morning when Raoul was seen to enter that build cheap nike air max trainers ing.”
“And he sat next to me?” said the colonel incredulously.
“He sat next to you,” said Sir Stanley, with evidence of enjoyment.
“Well, that is the most amazing coincidence,” exclaimed the colonel, “I have ever met with in my life! To imagine that that scoundrel sat should nike air max 95 er to shoulder with me–good heavens! It mak nike air max classic es me hot to think about it.”
“I was afra nike air max sale id it would,” said the First Commissioner.
He pressed the bell and his secretary came in.
“See if Mr. Stafford King is in the building, and tell him to come to me, please,” he said. “You see, colonel, we were hoping you would supply us with a great deal of very useful information. We naturally thought it was something more than a coincidence that this nike air max 90 man and you should foregather at a Turkish bath–a most admirable rendezvous, by the way.”
“You may accept my word of nike air max 1 honour,” said Colonel Boundary impressively, “that I had no more idea of that man’s presence, or of his identity, or of his very existence, than you had.”
Stafford King came in at that moment, and the colonel, noting the haggard face and the look of care in the d cheap nike air max ark-lined eyes, felt a certain amount of satisfaction.
“I’ve just been telling the colonel about his meeting in the Turkish baths,” said Sir Stanley. “I suppose there is no doubt at all as to that happening?”
“None whatever, sir,” said Stafford shortly. “Both the colonel and this man nike air max sale were seen by Sergeant Livingstone.”
“The colonel su cheap nike air max ggests that it was a coincidence, and that he has never spoken to the man,” said Sir Stanley. ” cheap nike air max What do you say to that, King?”
Stafford King’s lips curled. ③

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