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„Absolutely!“ said Sir Stanley. „You don’t imagine that the colonel would invent that sort of thing. For some reason or other, possibly to keep close to the trouble that’s coming, the colonel insists upon bringing all his little chit- nike free 5.0 v4 chat to me. He asked for an interview about ten o’clock this morning and reported to me that he had had this visitation. Moreover, the experience has had the effect of upsetting the colonel, and for the first time he seems to be thoroughly nike free run plus rattled. Where is Miss White?“
„She’s here, sir.“
„Here, eh?“ said the commissioner. „So much the better. Can you bring her in?“
A few minute nike free trainers uk s later the girl sat facing the First Commissioner.
„Now, Miss White, we’re going to ask you for a few facts about your masquerade,“ said Sir Stanley kindly. „I understand that you appeared wearing the costume, and giving a fairly good imitation of the voice of Jack o‘ Judgment. Now, I’m telling you before we go any further that I do not believe f nike free or one moment that you are Jack o‘ Judgment. Am I right?“
She nodded.
„Perfectly true, Sir Stanle cheap nike free run 2 y,“ she said. „I don’t know why I did such a mad thing, except that I knew Pinto was scared of him. I got the cloak from my dress-basket and made the mask myself. You see, I didn’t know whether I might want it, but I thought that in a t nike free 3.0 review ight pinch, if I wished to terrify this man, that was nike blazers sale the role to assume.“
Sir Stanley nodded.
„And the voice, of course, was easy.“
„But how could you imitate the voice if you have never seen Jack o‘ Judgment?“
„I saw him once.“ She shivered a little. „You seem to forget, Sir Stanley, that he rescued me from that dreadful house.“
„Of course,“ sai nike free 3.0 sale d Sir Stanley, „a nike free running shoes nd you imitated him, did you?“ He turned to his subordinate. „I’m accepting Miss White’s explanation, Stafford, and I advise you to do the same. She went up to watch Silva, as I understand, and took the costume with her as nike free run 2 review a sort of protection. Well, Miss White, are you satisfied with your detective work?“
She smiled ruefully.
„I’m afraid I’m a failure as a detective,“ she said.
„I’m afraid you are,“ laughed Sir Stanley, as he rose and offered his hand. nike free review „There cheap nike blazers is only one real detective in the world–and th nike blazers at is Jack o‘ Judgment!“
Chapter 28 The Passing Of Phillopolis③

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