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“We’ll drop him,” he said decisively, and for the first time nike free running shoes Crewe realised how dominating a factor Pinto had become in the government of the band.
“We’ll drop him—-”
Suddenly he stoppe nike free d and craned his head round.
It was he who had heard something near the door, and now with noiseless steps he tiptoed across the room to the door, and gripping the handle, opened it suddenl nike blazers sale y. A gun had appeared in his hand, but he did not use it. Instead, he darted through the open doorway and they heard the sound of a struggle. Presently he came back, dragging by the collar a man.
“Got him!” he said triumphantly, and hurled his captive into the nearest chair.
Chapter 9 The Colonel Employs A Detective
T nike free run plus heir prisoner was a nike free trainers uk stranger. He was a lean, furtive-looking man of thirty-five, below middle height, respectably dr nike free 3.0 review essed, and at first glance, the colonel, whose hobby was distinguishing at a nike free 3.0 sale look the social standing of humanity, was unable to place him.
Crewe locked the door.
“Now then,” said the colonel, “what the devil were you doi nike blazers ng listeni nike free run 2 review ng at my door? W nike free 5.0 v4 as that his game, Mr. Silva?”
“That was his game,” said the other, brushing his hands.
“What have you got to say before I send for the police?” asked the colonel virtuo nike free review usly. “What have you got to say for yourself? Sneaking about a gentleman’s flat, listening at keyholes!”
The man, who had been roughly handled, had risen and was putting his collar straight. If he had been taken aback by the sudden onslaught, he was completely self-possessed now.
“If you want to se cheap nike free run 2 nd for the police, you’d better start right away,” he said; “you’ve got a telephone, haven’t you? Perhaps I’ll have a job for the policeman, too. You’ve no right to assault me, my friend,” he cheap nike blazers said, addressing Pinto resentfully.
“What were you doing?” asked the colonel.
“Find out,” said the man sharply. ③

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