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“I’m going to draw what we’ve got and I advise you to do the same. I suppose you haven’t made any preparations to get away, have you?”
“No,” lied Pinto, remembering with thankfulness that he had received a letter tha nike free 3.0 sale t morning from the aviator Cartwright, telling him that the machine was in good order and ready to start at any moment. “No, I have never thought of getting away, colonel. I’ve always said I’ll stick to the colonel—-”
“H’m!” said the colonel, and there was no very great faith in Pinto revealed in his grunt.
Crewe came along an hour later and seemed the least perturbed of the lot.
“Here’s the cheque-book,” said the colonel, taking it from a drawer. “Now the balance we have,” he consulted a little waistcoat-pocket notebook, “is L81,317. I suggest we draw L80,000, split it three ways and part to-night.”
“What about your own private account?” asked Pinto.
“That’s my business,” said the colonel sharply. He filled in the cheque, signed his name with a flourish and handed the pen to Crewe.
Crewe put his name beneath, saw that t nike free 3.0 review he cheque was made payable to bearer, and handed the book to the colonel.
“Here, Pinto.” The colonel detached the form and blotted it. “Take a taxi-cab, see Ferguson, bring the money straight back here. Or, better still, go on to the City to the New York Guaranty and change it into American money.”
“Do you trust Pinto?” asked Crewe bluntly after the other had gone.
“No,” said the colonel, “I don’t trust Pinto or you. And if Pinto had plenty of time I shouldn’t expect to see that money again. But he’s got to be back here in a couple of hours, and I don’t think he can get away before. Besides, at the present juncture,” he reflected, “he wouldn’t bolt because he doesn’t know how serious the position is.”
“Where are you going, colonel?” asked Crewe curiously. “I mean, when you get away from here?”
Boundary’s broad face creased nike free review with smiles.
“What a foolish question to ask,” he said. “Timbuctoo, Tangier, America, Buenos Ayres, Madrid, China—-”
“Which means you’re not going to tell, and I don’t blame you,” said Crewe.
“Where are you going?” asked the colonel. “If you’re a fool you’ll tell me.”
Crewe shrugged his shoulders.
“To gaol, I guess,” he said bitterly, and the colonel chuckled.
“Maybe you’ve answered the question you put to me,” he said, “but I’m going to make a fight of it. Dan Boundary is too old in the bones and hates exercise too much to survive the keen air and the bracing employment of Dartmoor–if we ever got there,” he said ominously.
“What do you mean?” demanded Crewe.
“I mean that, when they’ve photographed Selby and circulated his picture, somebody is certain to recognise him as the man who handed the glass of water over the h nike free trainers uk eads of the crowd when Hanson was killed—-”
“Was it Selby?” gasped Crewe. “I wasn’t in it. I knew nothing about it—-”
The colonel laughed again.
“Of course you’re not in anything,” he bantered. “Yes, it was Selby, and it is ten chances to one that the usher would recognise him again if he saw him. That would mean–well, they don’t hang folks at Dartmoor.” He looked at his watch again. “I expect Pinto will be about an hour and a half,” he said. “You will excuse me,” he added with elaborate politeness “I have a lot of work to do.”
He cleared the drawers of his writing-table by the simple pro cess of pulling them out and emptying their contents upon the top. He went through these with remarkable rapidity, throwing the papers one by one into the fire, and he was engaged in this occupation when Pinto returned.
“Back already nike free run 2 review ?” said the colonel in surprise, and then, after a glance at the other’s face, he demanded: “What’s nike free run plus wrong?”
Pinto was incapable of speech. He just put the cheque down upon the table.
“Haven’t they cashed it?” asked the colonel with a frown.
“They can’t cash it,” said Pinto in a hollow voice. “There’s no money there.”
The colonel picked up the cheque.
“So there’s no money there to meet it?” he said softly. “And why is there no money there to meet it?”
“Because it was drawn out three days ago. I thought—-” said Pinto incoherently. “I saw Ferguson, and he told me that a cheque for the full amount came through from the Bank of England.”
“In whose favour was it drawn?”
Pinto cleared his throat.
“In favour of the Chancellor of the Exchequer,” he said. “That’ cheap nike free run 2 s why Ferguson passed it without question. He said that otherwise he nike free running shoes would have sent a note to you.”
“The Chancellor of the Exchequer!” snarled the colonel. “What does it mean?”
“Look here! Ferguson showed it me himself.” He took a copy of _The Times_ from his pocket and laid it on the table, pointing out the paragraph with trembling fingers.
It was in the advertisement column and it was brief:

“The Chancellor of the Exchequer desires to acknowledge the receipt of L81,000 Conscience Money f nike free run rom Colonel D. B.”

“Conscience money!”
The colonel sat back in his chair and laughed softly. He was genuinely amused.
“Of course, we can get this back,” he said at last. “We can explain to the Chancellor of the Exchequer the trick that has been played upon us, but that means delay, and at the moment delay is really dangerous. I suppose both you fellows have money of your own? I know Pinto has. How do nike free 5.0 v4 you stand, Crewe?”
“I have a little,” said Crewe, “but honestly, I was depending upon my share of the Gang Fund.”
“What about you, colonel?” asked Pinto meaningly. “If I may suggest it, we should pool our money and divide.”
The colonel smiled.
“Don’t be silly,” he said tersely. “I doubt whether my balance at the bank is more than a couple of thousand pounds.”
“But what about your private safe?” persisted Pinto. “A-ha! You didn’t know I knew that, did you? As a matter of fact, Ferguson told me—-”
“What the devil does Ferguson mean by discussing my business?” said the colonel wra nike free run 2 thfully. “What did he tell you?”
“He told me that the package was received and that he had put it with the other in your safe.”
“Package!” The colonel’s voice was quiet, almost inaudible. “The package was received! When was the package received?”
“Yesterday,” said Pinto. “He said it came along and he put it with the other. Now what have you got in—-”
But the colonel was walking towards his bedroom with rapid strides. Presently he reappeared with his hat and coat on.
“Come with me, Crewe. We’ll go down to the bank,” he said. “You stay here, Pinto, and report anything that happens.”
When they were on their way he confided to the other:
“I have a little money put aside,” he said, “and I’m willing to finance you. You haven’t been a bad fellow, Crewe. The only rotten turn you’ve ever done us is introducing that damned fellow, ‘Snow’ Gregory, and you didn’t even do that, for I had met him before you brought him from Monte–which reminds me. Have you found out anything about him?”
“I have a letter here from Oxford,” said Crewe, putting his hand in his pocket. “I hadn’t opened my letters when Pinto came. You’ll find all the news there, i nike free run 3 f there is any news.”
He handed the envelope to the other and the colonel transferred it to his pocket.
“That’ll keep,” he said. “What was I talking about? Oh, yes, Gregory. The whole of this business has come about through Gregory. Gregory made Jack o’ Judgment, and Jack o’ Judgment has ruined us.”
He sprang from the taxi at the door of the bank with an agile step, and went straight to the manager’s office. Without any preliminary he began:
“What is this package that came for me yesterday, Ferguson?”
The manager looked surprised.
“It was an ordinary package, similar to that which you put in the safe the other day. It nike free was sealed and wrapped and had your name on it. I rather wondered you hadn’t brought it yourself, but it was put into your safe in the presence of two clerks.”
“I’d like to see it,” said the colonel.③

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