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“You know the way it is done. You did it before, Lollie,” the colonel went on. “Now, you’ve got to be a good girl and tell us how far you’ve gone.”
She hesitated.
“I’ll tell you the truth,” she said. “I’m sick of this life, colonel. I want to go straight. I want to get away out of it all and–and–he’s g oing to help me.”
“A social reformer, eh?” said the nike air max 90 colonel. “I didn’t know the police went in for that sort of stunt. And when did he take this sud cheap nike air max den liking for you, Lollie?”
“It wasn’t a sudden liking at all,” she said, “but I think it was because–well, because I stopped Pinto in the nursing home–and Miss White told him–I think that’s all.”
The colonel looked down on his pad.
“There’s something in that,” he said. “It sounds feasible. Didn’t he question you?” he said, raising his eyes.
“About you?” she said.
“About us,” corrected the colonel.
“He asked me nothing about you, nothing about your habits or your methods or about any of our funny business. I’ll swear it,” she said.
“You’re not going to believe that, are you, colonel?” demanded Pinto. “You can see that she is lying and that she’s double-crossing you?”
“She’ cheap nike air max s neither lying nor double-crossing us.” It was Cr cheap nike air max trainers ewe who spoke. “I don’t know what you think about it, colonel, but I am convinced that Lollie is speaking the truth.”
“You!” Pinto laughed loudly. “I think you’re in a state of mind when you’d believe anything Lollie said. And anyway you’re probably in with her.”
“You’re a liar,” said Crewe, so quietly that nike air max none suspected the surprising thing that would follow, for of a sudden his fist shot out and caught Pinto under the jaw, sending him sprawling to the floor.
The colonel was ins nike air max 1 tantly on his feet, his hand outspread.
“That’s enough, Crewe,” he said harshly. “I’ll have none of that!”
Pinto picked himself up, his face livid.
“You’ll pay for that,” he said breathlessly, but “Swell” Crewe had walked to the girl and ha nike air max sale d laid his hand on her shoulder.
“Lollie,” he said, “I’m cheap nike shoes believing you and I think the colonel is, too. cheap nike online If you’re going out of the country, why I’ll say good luck to you. You’ve made a very wise decision and one which we shall all make–some of us perhaps too late.”
“Wait a moment,” said the colonel. He exchanged a glance with Selby and the man slipped quietly from the room. “Before we do any of that cheap nike air max fare-thee-well stuff, I’ve got a few words to say to you, Lollie. I’m with Crewe. I think it is time you went out of the country, but you’re going out my way.”
“What do you mean?” she asked.
Her hand clutched “Swell” Crewe’s sleeve.
“You’re going out my way,” said the colonel, “and I swear no harm will come to you. You’re leaving to-night.”
“But how?” she asked, affrighted.
“Selby will tell you. You’ll meet him downstairs. Now nike air max 95 be a sensible girl and do as nike air max 90 sale I tell you. Selby will nike air max classic go with you and see you safe. We made all preparations for your departure to-night.”
“What’s this, colonel?” asked Crewe.
“You’re out of it,” said the colonel savagely. “I’m running this show myself. If you want to join Lollie later, why you can. For the present, she’s going just where I want her to go and in the way I have planned.”
He held out his hand to the girl and she took it.
“Good-bye and good luck, Lollie!” he said.
“But can’t I go back to my rooms?” she asked. ③

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