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“Yes, sir,” said the man, delighted that he had created a sensation. “I never saw so much valua nike air max 1 ble property in one room in my life. There was a big burglary in Regent Street last night. A jeweller’s shop was cleared out of about twenty thousand pounds’ worth of necklaces, and we found every bit of it here to-night. We’ve always suspected this man,” he went on confidentially. “Nobody knew how he got his living, but from information we received to-day we were able to catch him red-handed.”
“Thank you,” said Pinto faintly, and walked slowly home, for now he no longer fe cheap nike air max ared to meet the colonel. He had something to tell him, something that would inspire even Boundary with apprehension.
Chap nike air max 95 ter 29 The Voice In The Room
As Silva anticipated, the colonel was up and waiting for him. He was playing Patience o nike air max n his desk and looked up with a scowl as the Portuguese entered.
“So you’ve been skulking, have you, Pinto?” h nike air max 90 e began, but the other interrupted him.
“You can keep all that talk for another time,” he said. “They’ve taken Phillopolis!”
The colonel swept his cards aside with a quick, nervous gesture.
“Taken Phillopolis?” he repeated slowly. “On what charge?”
“For being the receiver of stolen property,” said the other. “They found the proceeds of the Regent Street burglary in his apartments.”
The colonel opened his mouth to speak, then shut it again, and there was silence for tw nike air max classic o or three minutes.
“I see. They have planted the stuff on him, have they?”
“What do you mean?” asked Pinto.
“You don’t supp cheap nike air max trainers ose that Phillopolis is a fence, do you?” said the colonel scornfully. “Why, it is a business that a man must spend th nike air max sale e whole of his lif e at before he can be successful. No, Phillopolis knows no more about that burglary or the je Air Max 1 wels than you or I. The stuff has been planted in his rooms.”
“But the police don’t do that sort of thing.”
“Who said the police did it?” snarled the colonel. “Of course they didn’t. They haven’t the sense. That’s Mr. Jack o’ Judgment once more, and this time, Pinto, he’s real dangerous.”
“Jack o’ Judgment!” gasped Pinto. “But would he commit a burglary?”
The colonel laughed scornfully.
“Would he commit murder? Would he hang Raoul? Would he shoot you? Don’t ask such damn-fool questions, Silva! Of course it was Jack o’ J nike air max 90 sale udgment. I tell you, the night you were in Yorkshire making a mess cheap nike air max of that Crotin business, Jack o’ Judgment came here, to this very room, and told me that he would ruin us one by one, a Nike Air Max 1 nd that he would leave me to the last. He mentioned us all–you, Crewe, Selby—-”
He stopped suddenly and scratch Cheap Nike Air Max 1 ed his chin. ③

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