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“I’ve got it!” It was Pinto who spoke. “Did you notice anything peculiar about the voice, colonel?” he asked eagerly. “I did, the first time I heard it, and I’ve been wondering how I’d heard it before, and just now it has struck me. It was a gramophone nike air max 2013 voice!”
“A gramophone voice?”
“It sounded like a voi cheap nike air max trainers ce on a speaking machine.”
The colonel nodded slowly.
“Now you come to mention it, I think you’re right,” he said; “it sounded familiar to me. Of course, it was a gramophone voice.”
They made a careful search of the apartment, taking down every book from the big shelf in one of the alcoves, and turning the leaves to discover the hidden machine. With this idea to guide them the search was more complete than it had been before. Every drawer in the desk was taken out, every scrap of f nike air max 90 sale urniture was minutely examined, even the massive legs of the colonel’s writing table were tapped.
Crewe took no nike air max part in the search, but watched it with a slight smile of amusement, and the colonel turning, detected this.
“What the devil are you grinning about?” he said. “Why aren’t you helping, Crewe? You’ve got an interest in this business. cheap nike air max ”
“Not such an interest that I’m going to fool around looking for a gramophone voice that goes off at appropriate intervals,” said Crewe. “Doesn’t it strike you that it would have to be a pretty smart gramophone to chip in at the right m oment?”
The colonel pondered this a minute and then went back to his place at the table, mopping his forehead.
“Pinto’s right,” he said; “the fellow has smuggled some fool machine into the flat, and we shall discover it sooner or later. I don’t know nike air max 90 how he controls it, or who controls it”–he looked suspiciously at Crewe–“or who controls it,” he repeated.
“You said that before,” said Crewe coolly.
The colonel had something on his lips to say, but swallowed it.
“We’ll meet here to-night at eleven. I told Lollie to come. Now, Crewe,” he said in a more gentle tone, “you’re in this up to the neck, and you’ve got to go through with it. After all, your life and liberty are at stake as much as ours. If Lollie’s played us false, we’ve got to be—-”
“Lollie has not played you false, colonel,” said Crewe. His face was very pale, the colonel noticed. “I like that girl, and—-”
“So that’s it,” said the colonel, “a little love romanc nike air max sale e introduced into our sordid commercial lives! Maybe you know what she’s been talking to Stafford King about?”
Crewe did not immediately reply.
cheap nike air max “Do you?” asked the colonel.
“I know she has been trying to get out of the country, to break with the gang, but that she has given you or any of us away is a lie. Lollie’s had a rotten life, and she’s just sick of it, that’s all. Do you blame her?”
“There’s no question of blaming her or praising her,” said the colonel patiently; “the question is whether we condemn her or whether she still has our confidence, and that we shall know to-night. You will be present, Crewe.”
“I shall be present, you may be sure,” said Crewe, and there was a look on his face which Pinto, for one, did not like.
Chapter 32 Lollie Goes Away
It seemed to “Swell” Crewe that the scene was curiously reminiscent of a trial in which he had once participated. The colonel, at the end of the long table, sat aloof and apparently noncommittal, a veritable ju nike air max 2012 dge and a merciless judge at that. Pinto sat at his right, Selby o nike air max 1 n his left, and Crewe himself sat half-way between the girl at the farther end of the table and Pinto.
Lollie Marsh had no doubt as to why she had been summoned. Her pretty face was drawn, the hands which were clasped on the table before her were restless, but what Crewe noticed more particularly was a certain untidiness both in her costume and in her usually well-coiffured hair. As though wearying of the part s nike air max classic he had been playing, she was already discarding her makeup.
“I hate to bring you here, Lollie, and ask you these questions,” the colonel was saying, “but we are all in some danger and we want to know just where we stand with you.”
She made no reply.
“The charge against you is that you’ve been in communication with the police. Is that true?”
“If yo air max 2013 u mean that I’ve been in communication with Mr. Stafford King, that’s true,” she said. “You told me to get into touch with him. Haven’t I been for weeks—-”
“That’s a pretty good excuse,” interrupted the colonel, “but it won’t work, Lollie. You don’t touch with a man like Stafford King and meet him secretly in St. James’s Street. And you don’t touch by seeing him for half an hour at a time, and I haven’t heard of you ever getting off with a fellow to the extent of his paying for nike air max 95 your passage to America.”
She started.③

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