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“Besides,” sh nike air max 1 premium e said, “it would be all over the town that it was your money which was coming in, and these horrid people would be laughing at me.”
She finished buttoning her gloves and was looking at him curiously.
“What is the matter with you, John?” she asked suddenly, and he almost jumped.
“With me, love?” he said with a brave attempt at a smile. “Why, there’s nothing the matter with me. What should there be?”
“You’ve been very strange lately,” she said, “ever since you came back from London.”
“I think I ate something that disagreed with my digestion,” he said uneas air max 1 sale ily. “I didn’t know that I’d been different.”
“Are things well at your–factory?” she asked.
“At mills? Oh, aye, they’re all right,” he said. “I wish everything was as right as them.”
“As they,” she corrected.
“As they,” said the humble Mr. Crotin.
“There’s something wrong,” she said, and shook her head, and Mr. Crotin found himself going white. “I’ll have a talk with you when I’ve got this wretched bazaar business out of my head,” she added, and with a little nod she left hi nike air max 1 red m.
He walked to the window of the long dining-hall and wat nike air max 1 black ched her car disappearing down the drive, and then with a sigh went back to his _entremets_.
When Colonel Dan Boundary surmised that this unfortunate victim of his blackmail would be worried, he was not far from the mark. Crotin had spent many sleepless nights since he came back from London nike air max 1 sale , nights full of terror, that left him a wreck to meet the fears of the days which followed. He lived all the time in the shadow o nike air max 1 grey f vengeful justice and exaggerated his danger to an incredible degree; perhaps it was in anticipating what his wife would say that he experienced the most poignant misery.
He had taken to secret drinking too; little nips at odd intervals, both in his room and in his private office. Life had lost its savour, and now a new agony was added to the knowledge that his wife had detected the change. He went to his office and spent a gloomy afternoon wandering about the mills, and came back an hour before his usual time. He had not the heart to make a call at the bazaar, and speculated unhappily upon the proceeds of the afternoon session.
It was therefore with something like pleasure that he heard his wife on the telephone speaking more cheerfully than he had hear nike air max 1 leopard d her for months.
“Is that you, John?” she was almost civil. “I’m bringing somebo cheap air max 1 dy home to dinner. Will you tell Phillips?”
“That’s right, love,” said Mr. Crotin eagerly.
He would be glad to see some new face, and that it was a new face he could guess by the interest in Lady Sybil’s tone.
“It is a Mr. de Silva. Have you ever met him?”
“No, love, I’ve not. Is he a foreigner?”
“He’s a Portuguese gentleman,” said his wife’s voice; “and he has been most helpful and most generous.”
“Bring him along,” said Crotin heartily. “I’ll be glad to meet him. How has the sale been, love?”
“Very good indeed,” she replied; “splendid, in fact–thanks to Mr. de Silva.”
John Crotin was dressing when his wife returned, and it was not until half an hour later that he met Pinto Silva for the first time. Pinto was a man who dressed well and lo air max 1 oked well. John Crotin thought he was the most impressive personality he had met, when he stalked into the dr nike air max 1 ebay awing-room and took the proffered hand of the mill-owner.
“This is Mr. de Silva,” said his wife, who had been waiting for her guest. “As I told you, John, Mr. de Silva has been awfully kind. I don’t know what you’re going to do with all those perfectly useless things you’ve bought,” she added to the polished Portuguese, and Pinto shrugged.
“Give them away,” he said; “there must, for example, be a lot of poor women in the country who would be glad of the linen I have bought.”
At this point dinner was announced and he took Lady Sybil in. The meal was approaching its end when she revived the question of the disposal of his purchases.
“Are you greatly interested in charities, Mr. de Silva?”
Pinto inclined his head.
” nike air max 1 Both here and in Portugal I take a very deep interest in the welfare of the poor,” he said solemnly.
“That’s fine,” said Mr. Crotin, nodding approvingly. “I know wh cheap nike air max 1 at these poor people have to suffer. I’ve been amongst them—-”
His wife silenced him with a look.
“It frequently happens that cases are brought to my notice,” Pinto went on, “and I have one or two cases of women in my mind where these purchases of mine would be most welcome. For example,” he said, “I heard the other day, quite by accident, of a poor woman in Wales whose husband deserted her.”
Mr. Crotin had his fork half-way to his mouth, but put it down again.
“I don’t know much about the case personally,” said Pinto carelessly, “but the circumstances were brought to my notice by a friend. I think these people suffer more than we imagine; and I’ll let you cheap nike air max 1 into a secret, Lady Sybil,” he said, speaking impressively. He did not look at Crotin, but went on: “A few of my friends are thinking of buying a mill.”
“A woollen mill?” she said, raising her eyebrows.
“A woollen mill!” he repeated.
“But why?” she asked. ③

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