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“We wish to make garments air max 1 and blankets for the benefit of the p nike air max 1 leopard oor. We feel that, nike air max 1 sale if we could run this sort of thing on a co-operative basis, we could manufacture the stuff cheaply, always providing, of course, that we could purchase a mill at a reasonable figure.”
For the first time he looked at Crotin, and the man’s face was ghastly white.
“What a queer idea!” said Lady Sybil. “A good mill will cost you a lot of money.”
“We don’t think so,” said Pinto. “I nike air max 1 n fact, we expect to purch nike air max 1 black ase a very excellent mill at a reasonable sum. That was my object in coming to Yorkshire, I may tell you, and it was only by accident th air max 1 sale at I saw the advertisement of your bazaar and called in.”
“A fortunate accident for me,” said Lady Sybil.
Crotin’s eyes were on his plate, and he did not raise them.
“I think it is a great mistake to be too generous with the poor,” nike air max 1 ebay said Lady Sybil, shaking her head nike air max 1 premium . “These women are very seldom grateful.”
“I realise that,” said Pinto gravely. “But I am not seeking their gratitude. We find that many of these women are in terrible circumstances owing to no fault of their own. For example, this woman in Wales, whose husband is supposed to have deserted her–now, there is a bad case.”
Lady Sybil was interested.
“We found on investigation,” said Pinto, speaking cheap air max 1 slowly and impressivel nike air max 1 grey y, “that the man who deserted her has since married and occupies a very important position in a town in the north of England.”
Mr. Crotin dropped his knife with a crash and with a mumbled apology picked it up.
“But how terrible!” said Lady Sybil. “What a shocking thing! The man should be exposed. He is not fit to associate with human beings. Can’t you do something to pun nike air max 1 red ish him?”
“That could be done, cheap nike air max 1 ” said Silva, “it could cheap nike air max 1 be done, but it would bring a great deal of unhappiness to his present wife, who is ignorant of her husband’s treachery.”
“Better she should know now than later,” said the militant Lady Sybil. “I think you do very wrong to keep it from her.”
Mr. Crotin rose unsteadily and his wife looked at him with suspicion. ③

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