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“Nothing much,” he said. “We got some lette rs the other day from Mrs. Crombie-Brail. Her son has got into trouble at the Cape. Lew Litchfield got them. He was doing a job in Man chester.”
Lew Litchfield was a bright young burglar of whom the colonel had heard, and he knew the kind of “job” on which Lew was engaged.
“You bought ’em?” he asked.
“I gave a tenner for them,” said Selby. “I don’t think they’re much use.”
The colonel shook his head.
“That’s not the kind of letter that brings in money,” he said. “You can’t bleed a mother because her son got into trouble–at leas cheap nike air max 1 t, not for more than a hundred.”
“Letters have been scarce lately,” said his agent disconsolately; “I think people have either given up keeping or writing them.”
“Maybe,” said the colonel. “Anyway, I didn’t bring you down to talk about letters. I’ve work for you.”
Selby looked uneasy, and that in nike air max 1 itself was a discouraging sign. Usually the li air max 1 ttle crook from the north hailed a job of any kind with enthusiasm.
It nike air max 1 sale was an unmistakable proof to the colonel that he was losing grip, that the magic of his name and all that it implied in the way of protection from punishment, was less than it had been.
“You don’t seem very pleased,” he said.
Selby forced a smile.
“Well, colonel,” he said, “I’ve a feeling they’re after us, and I don’t want to take any risks.”
“You’ll take this one,” said the colonel. “There’s somebody to be put away.”
The man licked his lips.
“Well, I’m not in it,” he said. “I had enough with that Hanson business.”
“By ‘put away’ I don’t mean murdered or ill-treated in any nike air max 1 leopard sense,” said the colonel, “and besides, it is one of our own people.”
But even this assurance did not satisfy the man.
“I don’t lik cheap air max 1 e it,” he said; “they tell me that this Jack o’ Judgment—-”
“Just forget Jack o’ Judgment for a minute and think of yo nike air max 1 ebay urself,” snapped the colonel. “You’ve made your pile, and you find England’s getting a bit too hot for you, don’t you?”
“I do indeed,” said the man fervently. “You know, colonel, I was thinking that a trip to America nike air max 1 red wouldn’t be a bad idea.”
“There are plenty of places to go to without going to America,” said the colonel. “I tell you that I mean Lollie no harm.”
“Lollie?” Selby was surprised, and showed it. “She hasn’t—-”
“I don’t know what she’s done yet, but I think it is time she went away,” said the colonel, “and so far as I can judge, it is time you went too, Selby. I don’t know whether Lollie is betraying us, and maybe I’m doing her an injustice,” he went on, “but if I put up to her a suggesti nike air max 1 grey on that she should leave the country, maybe she’d probably turn me down. You know how suspicious these women are. The only nike air max 1 sale idea I can think of is to scare her and make her bolt quick and sudden, and I want you to provide the means.”
Selby was waiting.
“I bought a motor-boat, one of those swift motor-boats that the Government used during the war. I have it ready at Twickenham, and you can get all your goods on board and go to—-”
“A nike air max 1 premium nywhere you like,” said the colonel, “Holland, Denmark–one place is as good as another, and it’ll be a good sea-going boat. You see, my idea is this. If I think Lollie is negotiating to put us away, I can give her a fright which will make her jump at the means of getting out of England by the quickest and shortest route. You can go with her and keep her under your eye until the tro nike air max 1 black uble blows over.”
He saw a look in the man’s face and correctly interpreted it.③

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