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“You see,” said Cacambo to Candide, as soon as they had reached the f nike air max 95 rontiers of the Oreillons, “that this hemisphere is not better than the others, take my word for it; let u cheap nike air max s go back to Europe by the shortest way.”
“How go back?” said Candide, “and where shall nike air max 90 we go? to my own country? The Bulgarians and the Abares are slaying all; to Portugal? there I shall be burnt; and if we abide here we are every moment in danger of being spitted. But how can I resolve to quit a part of the world where my dear Cunegonde resides?”
“Let us turn towards Cayenne,” said Cacambo, “there we shall find Frenchmen, cheap air max who wander all over the world; they may assist us; God will perhaps have pity on us.”
It was not easy to get to Cayenne; they knew vaguely in which direction to go, but rivers, precipices, robbers, savages, obstructed them all the way. Thei nike air max r horses died of fatigue. Their provisions were consumed; they fed a whole month upon wild fruits, and found themselves at last near a little river bordered with co cheap nike air max trainers coa trees, which sustained their lives and their hopes.
Cacambo, who was as g nike air max classic ood a counsellor as the old woman, said to Candide:
“We are able to hold out no longer; we have walked enough. I see an empty canoe near the river-side; let us fill it with cocoanuts, throw ourselves into it, and go with the current; a river always leads to some inhabited spot. If we do not find pleasant things we shall at least find new thi nike air max ngs.”
“With all my heart,” said Candide, “let us recommend ourselves to Providence.”
They rowed a few leagues, between banks, in some pla nike air max 1 ces flowery, in others barren; in some parts smooth, in others rugged. The stream ever widened, and at length lost itself under an arch of frightful rocks which reached to the sky. The two travellers had the courage to commit themselves to the current. The river, suddenly co nike air max sale ntracting at this place, whirled them along with a dreadful noise and rapidity. At the end of four-and-twenty hours they saw daylight again, but their canoe was dashed to pieces against the rocks. For a league they had to creep from rock t o rock, until at length they discovered an extensive plain, bounded by inaccessible mountains. The cou cheap nike air max ntry was cultivated as much for pleasure as for necessity. On all sid cheap nike air max es the useful was also the beautiful. The roads were covered, or rather adorned, with carriages of a glittering form and substance, in which were men and women of surprising beauty, drawn by large red sheep which surpassed in fleetness the finest coursers of Andalusia, Tetuan, and Mequinez.[18]

[18] P. 76. It has been suggeste nike air max 90 sale d that Voltaire, in
speaking of red sheep, referred to the llama, a South
American ruminant allied to the camel. These animals
are sometimes of a reddish colour, and were notable
as pack-carriers and for their fleetness. ③

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