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“She’s won,” he said, but the other turned on him with a snar moncler sale l.
“Not yet!” he said a moncler jacket sale lmost harshly. “S ralph lauren sale he hasn’t won till Jimmy Meredith is dead or—-”
“Or—-?” repeated his partner significantly. “That ‘or’ won’t come off, Jack. He’ll get a life sentence as sure as ‘eggs is eggs.’ I’d go a long cheap moncler sale way to help Jimmy; I’d risk my practice and my name.”
Jack Glover looked at his partner in astonishment.
“You old sportsman!” he said admiringly. “I didn’t know you were so fond of Jimmy?”
Mr. Rennett got up Moncler Outlet and began pulling on his gloves. He seemed a little uncomfortable at the sensation he had created.
“His father was my first client,” he said apologetically. “One of the best fellows that ever lived. He m moncler sell arried late in life, that was why he was such a crank over the question of marriage. You might say that old Meredith founded our firm. Your father and Simpson and I were moncler men sale nearly at our last gasp when Meredith gave us his business. That was our turning point. Your father–God rest him–was never tired of talking about it. I wonder he never told you.”
“I think he did,” said Jack thoughtfully. “And you really would go a moncler sale coats long way–Rennett–I mean, to help Jim Meredith?”
“All the way,” said old Rennett shortly.
Jack Glover began whistling a long lugubrious tune.
“I’m seeing the old boy to-morrow,” he said. “By the moncler sale for kids way, Rennett, did you see that a fellow had been released from prison to a nursing home for a minor operation the other day? There was a question asked in Parliament about it. Is it usual?”
“It can be arranged,” sa moncler sale id Rennett. “Why?”
“Do you think i moncler sale womens jackets n a few months’ time we could get Jim Meredith into a nursing home for–say an appendix operation?”
“Has he appendicitis?” asked the other in surprise.
“He can fake it,” said Jack calmly. “It’s the easiest thing in moncler sale authentic the world to fake.”
Rennett looked at the other under his heavy eyebrows.
“You’re thinking of the ‘or’?” he challenged, and Jack nodded.
“It can be done–if he’s alive,” sai moncler jackets d Rennett after a pause.
“He’ll be alive,” prophesied his partner, “now the only thing is–where shall I find the girl?”③

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