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“I am very ignorant, but not the worse on that account. However, we have in this neighbourhood an old man retired from Court who is the most learned and most communicative person in the kingdom.”
At once he took Cacambo to the old man. Candide acted now only a second character, and accompanied his valet. They entered a very plain house, for the door was only of silver, and the ceilings were only of gold, but wr nike air max 95 ought in so elegant a taste as to vie with the richest. The antechamber, indeed, was only encrusted with rubies and emeralds, but the order in which everything was arranged made amends for this great simplicity.
The old man received the strangers on his sofa, which was stuffed with humming-birds’ feathers, and ordered his servants to present them with liqueurs in diamond goblets; after which he s nike air max sale atisfied their curiosity in the following terms:
“I am now one hundred and sev nike air max enty-two years old, and I learnt of my late father, Master of the Horse to the King, the amazing revolutions of Peru, of which he had been an eyewitness. The kingdom we now inhabit is the ancient country of the Incas, who quitted it very imprudently to conquer another part of the world, and were at length destroyed by the Spaniards.
“More wise by far w nike air max 90 sale ere the princes of their family, who remained in their native country; and they ordained, with the consent of the whole nation, that none of the inhabitants should eve nike air max r be permitted to quit this little kingdom; and this has preserved our innocence and happiness. The Spaniards have had a confused notion of this country, and have called it _El Dorado_; and an Englishman, whose name was Sir Walter Ra cheap nike air max leigh, came very near it about a hundred years ago; but being surrounded by inaccessible rocks and precipices, we have hithert nike air max 1 o been sheltered from the rapaciousness of European nations, who have an inconceivable passion for the pebbles and dirt of our land, for the sake of which they would murder us to the last man.”
The conversation was long: it turned chiefly on their form of government, their manners, their women, their pu cheap nike air max blic entertainments, and the arts. At length Candide, having always had a taste for metaphysics, made Cacambo ask whether there was any religion in that country.
The old man reddened a little.
“How then,” said he, “can you doubt it? Do you take us for ungrateful wretches?”
Cacambo humbly asked, “What was the religion in El Dorado?”
The old man reddened again.
“Can there be two religions?” said he. ” nike air max 90 We have, I believe, the religion of all the world: we worship God night and morning.”
“Do you worship but one God?” said Cacambo, who still acted as interpreter in representing Candide’s doubts.
“Surely,” said the old man, “there are not two, nor thre nike air max classic e, nor four. I must confess the people from your side of the world ask very extraordinary questions.”
Candide was not yet tired of interrogatin cheap air max g the good old man; he wanted to know in what manner they prayed to God in El Dorado.
“We do not pray to Him,” said the worthy sage; “we have nothing to ask of Him; He has given us all we need, and we return Him thanks without ceasing.”
Candide having a curiosity to see the priests asked where they were. The good old man smiled.
“My friend,” said he, “we are all priests. The King and all the heads of families sing solemn canticles of cheap nike air max trainers thanksgiving every morning, accompanied by five or six thousand musicians.”
“What! have you no monks who teach, who dispute, who govern, who cabal, and who burn people that are not of their opinion?”
“We must be mad, indeed, if that were the case,” said the old man; “here we are all of one opinion, and we know not what you mean by monks.”
During this whole discourse Candide was in raptures, and cheap nike air max he said to himself: ③

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