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He took no other farewell cheap air max but turned abruptly and left them. Crewe was following him, but the girl caught his arm.
“Don’t go,” she said in a low voice. “Don’t you know the colonel better?”
“I hate leaving him like this,” he said.
“So do I,” said the girl quietly. “I’ve still got some decent feeling left. We’re all in this together. We’re all crooks, as bad as we can possibly be, and if he’s used us we’ve been willing tools. What is your Christian name? nike air max sale ” she asked.
He looked at her in surprise.
“Jack,” he said. “What a weird question to ask!”
“Isn’t it?” she said with a laugh but a little catch in her throat. “Only we’re to be comrades and stick to one another, an cheap nike air max trainers d I hate calling you by your surname, so I’m going to call you Jack.”
It was his turn to be amused. They walked in the opposite direction to that which the colonel had taken.
“You’re cheap nike air max very quiet,” she said after a while.
“Aren’t I?” he laughed.
“Have I offended you?” she asked quickly. “Was it wrong to call you Jack? Oh, yes, somebody else must have called you Jack.”
“No, no, it isn’t that,” he said, “but I haven’t been called by my Christian name for years and years,” he said wearily, “and somehow it seems to span all the bad times and take me back to the–the—-”
“The ‘Jack’ days?” she suggested, and he nod nike air max ded.
The nike air max classic n after another period of silence.
“This is a queer ending to it all, isn’t it?” he said, and her heart skipped a beat.
“Ending?” she whispered. “No, no, not ending! It may be the beginning of a new life. I haven’t got religious,” she added quickly, “and I’m not getting sentimental. All my past life doesn’t come up in front of me as it does in the story-books. Only I’ve just faith that there’s something better i n life than I’ve ever found.”
“I should think there is,” said Crewe. “It couldn’t be much worse, could it?”
“I haven’t been bad,” she said–“not bad like you probably think I have.”
“I never thought you were bad,” he said. “You were just a victim like the rest of them. You were only a k nike air max id when you started working for the colonel, weren’t you?”
She nodded.
“Well, there’s a chance for you, Lollie. Your pa nike air max 1 ssage is booked and all that sort of thing–have you sufficient money?”
“I’ve plenty of money,” she said.
“Fine!” He dropped his hand lightly on her shoulder. “There’s a big, big chance for you, my girl.”
“And for you?” she asked.
He laughed.
“There is no chance for me at all,” he said simply. “They’ll take me and they’ll take Pinto and last of all they’ll take the colonel. It is written,” he added philosophically. “Why–w cheap nike air max hy, what is the matter?”
She stood stock-still and was holding on to his arm with both hands.
“You mustn’t say that, you mustn’t say that!” she said brokenly. nike air max 90 “It isn’t finished for you, Jack. There’s a chance to get out, and the colonel has told you there’s a chance. He meant it. He knows much more than we do. If you’ve got murder on your soul, or something worse; if you feel that you’re altogether nike air max 95 so bad that there isn’t a chance for you, that there’s no goodness in your life which can be expanded, why, just wait and take what’s coming. But for God’s sake know your mind, and if you feel that in another land, with–with someone who loves you by your side—-”
Her voice broke.
“Why, Lollie,” he said very gently. “You don’ nike air max 90 sale t mean—-?”
“I’m just as shameless as I’ve ever been” she said, “but I’m not proposing to marry you cheap nike air max , I’m not asking for anything save your friendship and your comradeship. I think people can love one another without–marrying and all that sort of thing; but do you–will you—-”
“Will I go?” he asked.
She nodded.
“I’ll go anywhere with that prospect in sight,” and he slipped his arm round her shoulders, and, bending, kissed her on the cheek.
Chapter 37 The Fall Of Pinto ③

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