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“Here, however, is a country,” said Candide, “which is better than Westphalia.”
He stepped out with Cacambo towards the first village which he saw. Some children dressed in tattered brocades played at quoits on the outskirts. Our travellers from the other world amused themselves by looking on. The quoits were large round pieces, yellow, red, and cheap nike air max green, which cast a singular lustre! The travellers picked a few of them off the ground; this was of gold, that of emeralds, the other of rubies–the least of them would have been the greatest ornament on the Mogul’s throne.
“Without doubt,” said Cacambo, “these children must be the king’s sons that are playing at quoits!”
The village schoolmaster appeared at this moment and called them to school.
“There,” said Candide, “is the preceptor of the royal family.”
The little nike air max classic truants immediately quitted their game, leaving the quoits on the ground with all their other playthings. Candide gathered them up, ran to the master, and presented them to him in a most humble manner, giving him to understand by signs that their royal highnesses had forgotten their gold and jewels. The schoolmaster, smiling, flung them upon the ground nike air max 1 ; then, looking at Candide with a good deal of surprise, went about his business.
The travellers, however, took care to gather up the gold, the rubies, and the emeralds.
“Where are we?” cried Candide. “The king’s children in this country must be well brought up, since they are taught to despise gold and precious stones.”
Cacambo was as much surprised as Candide. At length they drew near the first house in the village. It was built like an European palace. A crowd of people cheap nike air max pressed about the door, and there were still more in the house. They heard most agreeable music, and were aware of a delicious odour of cooking. Cacambo went up to the door and heard they were talking Peruvian; it was his mother tongue, for it is well known that Cacambo was born in Tucuman, in a village where no other language was spoken.
“I will be nike air max 90 your interpreter here,” said he to Candide; “let us go in, it is a public-house.”
Immediately two waiters and two girls, dressed in cloth of gold, and their hair tied up with ribbons, invited them to sit down to table wi cheap nike air max trainers th the landlord. They served four dishes of soup, each garnished with two young parrots; a boiled condor[19] which weighed two hundred pounds; two roasted monkeys, of excellent flavour; three hundred humming-birds in one dish, and six hundred fly-birds in ano nike air max 90 sale ther; exquisite ragouts; delicious pastries; the whole served up in dishes of a kind of rock-crystal. The waiters and girls poured out several liqueurs drawn from the sugar-cane.

[19] P. 78. The first English translator curiously
gives “a tourene of bouilli that weighed two hundred
pounds,” as the equivalent of “_un contour bouilli
qui p nike air max sale esait deux cent livres_.” The French editor of
the 1869 reprint points out that the South American
vulture, or condor, is meant; the name of this bird,
it may be added, is taken from “_cuntur_,” that
given it by the aborigines.

Most of the company were chapmen and waggoners, all extremely polite; they asked Cacambo a few quest cheap air max ions with the greatest circumspection, and answered his in the most obliging manner.
As soon as dinner was over, Cacambo believed as well as Candide tha nike air max t they might well pay their reckoning by laying down two of those large gold pieces which they had picked up. The landlord and landlady shouted with laughter and held their sides. When the fit was over:
“Gentlemen,” said the landlord, “it is plain you are strangers, and such guests we are not accustomed to see; pardon us therefore for laughing wh en you offered us the pebbles from our highroads in payment of your reckoning. You doubtless have not the money of the country; but it is not necessary to have any money at all to dine in this house. All hostelries established for the convenience of commerce are paid by the government. You have fared but very indifferently because this is a poor village; but everywhere else, you will be received as you deserve.”
Cacambo explained this whole discourse with great astonishment to Ca nike air max 95 ndide, who was as greatly astonished to hear it.
“What sor cheap nike air max t of a country then is this,” said they to one another; “a country unknown to all the rest of the world, and where nature is of a kind so different from ours? It is probably the country where all is well; for there absolutely must be one such place. And, whatever Master Pangloss might say, I often found that things went very ill in Westphalia.”
Cacambo expressed his curiosity to the landlord, who made nike air max answer: ③

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