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ed to meet a man who had “detective” written largely all over him. Jack turned and looked down nike air max 90 again at the body as the man came up.
“Who is this?” asked the officer sharply.
“It is James Meredith,” cheap nike shoes said Jack simply.
“Dead?” said the officer, startle cheap nike air max d. “He has committed suicide!”
Jack did not reply, and watched the inspector as he made his brief, quick examination of the body. A bullet had entered just below the left temple, and there was a mark of powder near the face.
“A very bad business, Mr. Glover,” said the police officer seriously. “Can you account for this man being here?”
“He came to get married,” said Jack listlessly. “I dare say that startles you, but it is the fact. He was married less than te cheap nike online n minutes ago. If you will come up to the house I will explain his presence here.”
The detective hesitated, but just then another of his comrades came on the scene, and Jack led the way back to the house through a back door into R cheap nike air max trainers ennett’s study.
The lawyer was waiting for them, and he was alone.
“If I’m no nike air max 95 t very much mistaken, you’re Inspector Colhead, of Sco cheap nike air max tland Yard,” said Glover.
“That is my name,” nod nike air max 1 ded the officer. “Between ourselves, Mr. Glover, I don’t think I should make any statement which you are not prepared to verify publicly.”
Jack noted the significance of the warning with a little smile, and proceeded to tell the story of the wedding.
“I can only tell you,” he said in answer to a further inquiry, “that Mr. Meredith came into this house at a quarter to eight this morning, and surrendered himself t cheap nike air max o my partner. At eight o’clock exactly, as you are well aware, Mr. Rennett telephoned to Scotland Yard to say that Mr. Meredith was here. During the period of his waiting he was married.”
“Did a parson happen to be staying here, sir?” asked the police officer sarcastically.
“He happened to be staying here nike air max 90 sale ,” said Jack calmly, “because I had arranged for him nike air max to be here. I knew that if it was humanly possible, nike air max sale Mr. Meredith would come to this house, and that his desire was to be married, for reasons which my partner will explain.”
“Did you help him to escape? That is asking you a leading question,” smiled the detective.
Jack shook his head.
“I can answer you with perfect truth that I did not, any more than the Home Secretary helped him when he gave him permission to go to a nursing home.”
Soon nike air max classic after the detective returned to the shed, and Jack and his partner were left alone.
“Well?” said Rennett, in a shaking voice, “what happened?”
“He’s dead,” said Jack quietly.

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