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„I have a notion,“ said he, „that a Republican must be greatly pleased with most of these books, which are written with a spirit of freedom.“
„Yes,“ answered Pococurante, „it is noble to write as one thinks; this is the privilege of humanity. In all our Italy we write only what we do not think; those who in cheap air max 1 habit the country of the Caesars and the Antoninuses dare not acquire a single idea without the permission of a Dominican friar. I should be pleased with the liberty which inspires the English genius if passion and party spirit did not cor nike air max 1 ebay rupt all that is estimable in this precious liberty.“
Candide, observing a Milton, asked whether he did not look upon this author as a great man.
„Wh nike air max 1 o?“ said Pococurante, „that barbarian, who writes a long commentary in ten books of harsh verse on the first chapter of Genesis; that coarse imitator of the Greeks, who disfigures the Creation, and who, while Moses represents the Eternal producing the world by a word, makes the Messiah take a great pair of compasses from the armoury of heaven to circumscribe His work? How can I have any esteem for a writer who has spoiled Tasso’s hell and t nike air max 1 red he devil, who transforms Lucifer sometimes into a toad and other times into a pigmy, who makes him repeat the same things a hundred times, who makes him dispute on theology, who, by a serious im cheap nike air max 1 itation of Ariosto’s comic invention of firearms, represents the devils cannonading in heaven? Neither I nor any man in Italy could take pleasure in those melancholy extravagances; and the marriage of Sin and Death, and the snakes brought forth by Sin, are enough to turn the stomach of any one with the least taste, [and his long description of a pest-house is good only for a grave-digger]. This obscure, whimsical, and disagreeable poem was nike air max 1 black despised upon its first publication, and I only treat it now as it was treated in its own country by contemporaries. For the matter of that I say what I think, and I care very little whether ot hers think as I do.“
Candide was grieved at this speech, for he had a respect for Homer and was fond of Milton.
„Alas!“ said he softly to Martin, „I am afraid that this man holds our German poets in very great contempt.“
„There would not be much harm in that,“ said Martin.
„Oh! what a superior man,“ said Candide below his breath. „What a great genius is this Pococurante! Nothing can please him.“
After their survey of the library they went down into the garden, where Candide praised its several beauties.
„I know of nothing in so bad a taste,“ said the master. „All you see here is merely trifling. After to-morrow I will have it planted with a nobler design.“
„Well,“ said Candide to Mar nike air max 1 sale tin when they had taken their leave, „you will agree that this is the happiest of mortals, for he is above everything he possesses.“
„But do Nike air max 1 you not see,“ answered Martin, „that he is disgusted with all he possesses? Plato observed a long while ago that those stomachs are not the best that reject all sorts of food.“
„But is there not a pleasure,“ said Candide, „in criticising everything, in pointing out faults where others see nothing but beauties?“
„That is to say,“ replied Martin, „that there is some pleasure in having no pleasure.“
„Well, well,“ said Candide, „I find that I shall be the only happy man when I am blessed with the sight of my dear Cunegonde.“
„It is always well to hope,“ said Martin.
However, the days and the weeks passed. Cacambo did not come, and Candide was so overwhelmed with grief that he did not even reflect that Paquette and Friar Giroflee did not return to thank him.
Chapter 26
FOOTNOTE[34] P. 142. T air max 1 he following particulars of the si cheap nike air max 1 x monarchs may prove not uninteresting. Achmet III. (_b._ 1673, _d._ 1739) was dethroned in 1730. Ivan VI. (_b._ 1740, _d._ 1762) was dethroned in 1741. Charles Edward Stuart, the Pretender (_b._ 1720, _d._ 1788). Auguste III. (_b._ 1696, _d._ 1763). Stanislaus (_b._ 1682, _d._ 1766). Theodore (_b._ 1690, _d._ 1755). It will be observed that, although quite impossible for the six kings ever to have met, five of them might have been made to do so without any anachronism.

One evening that Candide and Martin were going to sit down to supper with some foreigners who lodged in the same inn, a man whose complexion was as black as soot, came behind Candid nike air max 1 premium e, and taking him by the arm, said:
„Get yourself ready to go along with us; do not fail.“
Upon this he turned round and saw–Cacambo! Nothing but the sight of Cunegonde could nike air max 1 grey have astonished and delighted him more. He was on the point of going mad with joy. He embraced his dear friend.
„Cunegonde is here, without doubt; where is she? Take me to her nike air max 1 leopard that I may die of joy in her company.“
„Cunegonde is not here,“ said Cacambo, „she is at Constantinople.“ ③

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