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He was a little puzzled because he thought that the projected flight was a dead secret; and she guessed his thou nike air max 1 ebay ghts.
“You won’t tell Mr. Silva I told you? He begged me not to repeat it to anybody, even to you. But he’s leaving to-morrow morning, isn’t he?”
He nodded.
“I know an awful lot,” she said, and then: “Won’t you come and have supper with me? I’m starving!”
Cartwright hesitated. He had not expected so charming nike air max 1 sale a diversion, and really there was no reason why he should not accept the invitation. He was not due a nike air max 1 red t Bromley until early in the morning, and the girl was young and pretty and a friend of his employer. It was she who hailed the taxi and they drove to a select little cheap air max 1 restaurant at the back of Shaftesbury Avenue.
“You’re not seeing Pinto–I mean Mr. Silva–again to-night, are you?” she asked.
“No, I’m not seeing him until–well, until I see him,” he smiled again.
“Well, I want to tell you something.”
He though cheap nike air max 1 t she was charmingly embarrassed, and in truth she was, to invent the story she had to tell.
“You know why Mr. Silva is leaving England in such a hurry?”
He nodded. She wished she knew too, or had the sligh air max 1 test inkling of the yarn which Pinto h nike air max 1 leopard ad spun. And then the man enlightened her.
“Political,” he said.
” nike air max 1 black Exactly; political,” she said easily. “But you will realise that it is not necessarily he himself who is making this flight.”
“I did understand that he was making the flight himself,” said the aviator in surprise.
“But”–she was desperate now–“has he never told you of the other gentleman who was coming, air max 1 sale the other political person who really must go to Portugal at once?”
“No, he certainly did not,” said Cartwright; “he told me distinctly that he was going himself.”
The girl leaned back in her chair, baffled, but thoughtful.
“Oh, of course, he told you that,” she said with a knowing smile. “You see, there nike air max 1 grey are some things he is not allowed to tell you. But do not be surprised if you have two passengers instead of one.”
“I shan’t be surprised, I shall be pleased. The machine will carry half a dozen,” said Cartwright r nike air max 1 premium eadily, “but I certainly thought—-”
“Wait till you see him,” said the girl, waving a warnin cheap nike air max 1 g finger with mock solemnity.
He found her a cheerful companion through the meal, but there were certain intervals of abstraction in her cheerfulness, intervals when she was thinking very rapidly and reconstructing the plan which nike air max 1 Pinto had made. So he was one of the rats who were deserting the sinking ship and leaving the Colonel and Crewe to face the music. And Crewe–that was the thought uppermost in her mind.
When she parted from the pilot she had only one thought–to warn the colonel of Pinto’s treachery–and Crewe. And somehow Crewe seemed to bulk most importantly at that moment.
Chapter 36 Lollie Proposes③

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