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upon as excommunicated persons, not worthy of burial
in holy ground or with Christian rites. In 1730 the
“honours of sepulture” were refused to Mademoiselle
Lecouvreu Nike Air Max 1 r (doubtless the Miss Monime of this passage).
Voltaire’s miscellaneous works contain a paper on the matter.

“Queens on the highway!” said Candide.
“Yes, truly,” said Martin, “the Abbe is right. I was in Paris when Miss Monime passed, as the saying is, from this life to the other. She was refused what people call th nike air max 90 sale e _honours of sepulture_–that is to say, of rotting with all the beggars of the neighbourhood in an ugly cemetery; she was interred all alone by her company at the corner of the Rue de Bourgogne, which ought to trouble her much, for she thought nobly.”
“That was very uncivil,” said Candide.
“What would you have?” said Martin; “these people are made thus. Imagine all contradictions, all possible incompatibilities–you will find them in the government, in the law-courts, in the churches, in the public shows o cheap nike air max f this droll nation.”
“Is it true that they always laugh in Paris?” said Candide.
“Yes,” said the Abbe, “but it cheap nike air max means nothing, for they complain of everything with great fits of laughter; they even do the most detestable things while laughing.”
“Who,” said Candide, “is that great pig who spoke so ill of the piece at which I wept, and of the actors who gave me so much pleasure?”
“He is a bad character,” answered the Abbe, “who gains his livelihood by saying evil of all plays and of all books. He hates whatever succeeds, a nike air max 90 s the eunuchs hate those who enjoy; he is one of the serpents of literature who nourish themselves on dirt and spite; he is a _folliculaire_.”
“What is a _folliculaire_?” said Candide.
“It is,” said the Abbe, “a pamphleteer–a Freron.”[25]

[25] P. 109. Elie-Catherine Freron was a French
criti nike air max c (1719-1776) who incurred the enmity of
Voltaire. In 1752 Freron, in _Lettres sur quelques
ecrits du temps_, wrote pointedly of Voltaire as
one who chose to be all things to all men, and
Voltaire retaliated by references such as these in _Candide_.

Thus Candide, Martin, and the Perigordian conversed on the staircase, while watching every one go out after the performance.
“Although I am eager to see Cunegonde again,” said Candide, “I should like to sup with Miss Clairon, for she appears to me admirable.”
The Abbe was not t he man to approach Miss Clairon, who saw only good company.
“She is engaged for this evenin cheap nike air max trainers g,” he said, “but I shall have the honour to take you to the house of a lady of quality, and there you will know Paris as if you had lived in it for years.”
Candide, who was naturally curious, let himself be ta Air Max 1 ken to this lady’s house, at the end of the Faubourg St. Honore. The company was occupied in playing faro; a dozen melancholy punters held each in his hand a little pack of cards; a bad record nike air max classic of his misfortunes. Profound silence reigned; pallor was on the faces of the punters, anxiety on that of the banker, and the hostess, sitting near the unpitying banker, noticed with lynx-eyes all the doubled and other increased stakes, as each player dog’s-eared his cards; she made them turn down the edges again with severe, but polite nike air max 1 attention; she showed no vexation for fear of losing her customers. The lady insisted upon being called the Marchioness of Parolignac. Her daughter, aged fifteen, was among the punters, and notified with a covert glance the cheatings of the poor people who tried to repair the cruelties of fate. The Perigordian Abbe, Candide and Martin entered; no one rose, no one saluted them, no one looked at them; all were profoundly occupied with their cards.
“The Baroness of Thu nike air max 95 nder-ten-Tronckh was more polite,” said Candide.
However, the Abbe whispered to the Marchioness, who half rose, honoured Candide with a gracious smile, and Martin with a condescending nod; she gave a seat and a pack of cards to Candide, who lost fifty thousand francs in two deals, after which they supped very gaily, and every one was astonished that Candide w Cheap Nike Air Max 1 as not moved by his loss; the servants said among themselves, in the language of servants:–
“Some English lord is here this evening.”
The supper passed at first like most Parisian suppers, in silence, followed by a noise of words which could not be distinguished, then with pleasantries of which most were insipid, with false news, with bad reasoning, a little politics, and much evil speaking; they also discussed new b nike air max sale ooks.
“Have you seen,” said the Perigordian Abbe, “the romance of Sieur Gauchat, doctor of divinity?”[26]

[26] P. 111. Gabriel Gauchat (1709-1779), French
ecclesiastical writer, was author of a number of
works on religious subjects. ③

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