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“Sixty-four,” said the other, and the porter shook his head.
“You won’t get work easy. They’re not very keen on us old ‘uns,” he said. “Why don’t you try at Markham’s, the builders in the High Street? They’re short of men. I saw a nike free run 2 review notice outside their yard only this morning.”
The workman thanked the porter, shouldered his basket and tramped down the High Street. He was respectably dressed, and policemen on the look-out for suspicious tramps did not give him a second glance. He spent the greater part of the day walking from yard to yard, everywhere receiving the same answer. Late in the afternoon he had better luck. A small firm of ship repairers were in want of a job nike free review bing carpenter and put him to work at once.
It was many years since Colonel Boundary had wielded a saw, but he made a good showing. After two hours’ work, however, his back was aching and his hands were sore. He was glad when the yard bell announced the hour for knocking off. He had yet to find lodgings, but this did not worry him. He was careful to avoid the cheaper kind of lodging nike free -house, and went to one which catered for the artisan, where he could get a room of his own and a clean bed. He paid a deposit, washed himself and left his tools, then went out in search of some refreshment.
At seven o’clock the next mor nike free run ning he was back at the yard. He thought several times during the day that he would have to throw the work up. His back ached furiously, his arms were like lead. But he persevered, and again another day drew to a close. By the third day he had got his muscles into play and found the work easy. He was asked by the foreman if he would care to go into the country to work at a house that the head of the firm was b nike free run 2 uilding, but he declined. He wanted to remain in the town where there were crowds. At the end of the week came his great chance. He had been sent down to the docks to do some rep nike free run plus airs on a small steamer and had pleased the skipper, who was himself an elderly man, by the ability he had shown.
“You’re worth twice as much as some of these darned young ‘uns,” grumbled the old man. “Are you married?”
“No,” said the other.
“Got any kids?”
Boundary shook his head.
“Why don’t you sign on with me?” asked the skipper. “I want a carpenter bad.”
“Where are you going?” asked Boundary, breathing more quickly.
“We’re going to Valparaiso first, then we’re going to work down the coast, round the Horn to San Francisco and maybe we’ll get a cargo across to China.”
“I’ll think it over,” said the colonel.
That night he called on the captain nike free trainers uk and told him that he had made up his mind to go.
“Good!” said the skipper, “but you’ll have to sign on to-night. I’m leaving to-morrow by the first tide.”
The colonel nodded, nike free 3.0 sale not daring to speak. Here was luck, the greatest in the world. Nobody would suspect a carpenter, taken from a local firm and shipped with the captain’s goodwill. At seven o’clock the next morning he was standing on the deck of the _Arabelle Sands_, watching the low coast-line slipping past. The ship was to make one call at Falmouth and two days later she reached that port. Boundary went ashore to buy some wood and a few tools that he found he needed, and pulled back to the ship in the afternoon. In the evening he accompanied the captain as nike free running shoes hore.
“We shan’t leave till to-morrow at twelve,” said the captain. “You might as well spend a night on solid nike free 3.0 review earth whilst you can. It will be a long time before you smell dirt again.”
The captain’s idea of a pleasant evening was to sit in the bar-parlour of the Sun Inn and drink interminable hot rums. He had fixed up a room for himself at the inn and offered Boundary a share, but the colonel preferred to sleep alone. He secured lodgings in the town, and making an excuse to the captain returned to his room early. He had purchased all the newspapers he could find and he wanted to study them quietly. It was with unusual relish that he read the account of an inquest on himself. There was no breath of suspicion that he was not dead.
“Old Dan Boundary has tricked them all. Clever old Dan Boundary!”
He chuckled at the thought. He had deceived all those clever men at Scotland Yard–Sir Stanley Belcom, St nike free run 3 afford King, Jack o’ Judgment! cheap nike free run 2 Yes, he had deceived Jack o’ Judgment and that seemed the least believable part of the affair. All the rest of the gang were captured or fugitives. He wondered whether Lollie Marsh and Crewe had reached Portugal and what they were doing there and how long their money would last and how they would earn more. He had his own money well secured. He had managed to get together quite a respectable sum, for there were other banks than the Victoria and City–odd accounts in assumed names which he had drawn upon on the very day of his supposed death.
There was a tap at the door.
“Come in,” said Boundary, thinking it was the landlady.
He was in the middle of the room as he spoke, and he went back step by step as the visitor entered. His tongue clave to the roof of his mouth, his eyes were starting out of his head.
“You! You!” he croaked.
“Little Jack o’ Judgment,” said the mask mockingly. “Poor old Jack! Come to take farewell of the colonel before he goe nike free 5.0 v4 s to foreign parts!”
“Stop!” cried Boundary hoarsely. “I know you, damn you! I know you!”
He pulled back the curtains and glared out of the window. There was no need to ask any further questions. The house was surrounded. He swung round again at his tormentor and faced the white mask in a blind fury of rage.
“You’re clever, aren’t you?” he said. “Cleverer than all the police! But you weren’t clever enough to save your son from death!”
The masked figure reeled back. ③

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