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Jean never pursued an enquiry too far, by so much as one syllable.
“No, I hav en’t seen him,” smiled Lydia, “You weren’t a good prophet.”
“I expect he is busy,” said the girl carelessly. “I think I could like Jack awfully–if he hadn’t such a passion for ordering people about. How careless of me!” She had tipped over her teacup and its contents were running across the little tea table. She pulled out her handkerchief quickly and tried to stop the flow.
“O nike air max classic h, please, please don’t spoil your beautiful handkerchief,” said Lydia, rising hurriedly, “I will get a duster.”
She ran out of the room and wa nike air max s back almost im cheap nike air max mediately, to find Jean standing with her back to the secretaire examining the ruins of her late cheap air max handkerchief with a smile.
“Let me put your handkerchief in water or it will be stained,” said Lydia, putting out her hand.
“I would rather do it myself,” laughed Jean Briggerland, cheap nike air max and pushed the handker nike air max sale chief into her bag.
There were many reasons why Lydia should not handle that flimsy piece of cambric and lace, the most important of which was the key which Jean had taken from the secretaire in Lydia’s nike air max 95 absence, and had rolled inside the tea-stained handkerchief.
A few days later Mr. Bertram John Glover interviewed a high official at Scotland Yard, and the interview was not a particularly satisfactory one to the lawyer. It might have been worse, had not the police commissioner been a friend of Jack cheap nike air max trainers ‘s partner.
The official listened patiently whilst the lawyer, with professional skill, marshalled all his facts, attaching to them the susp cheap nike air max icions which had matured to convictions.
“I have sat in this chair for twenty-five years,” said the head of the C.I.D., “and I have heard stories which b nike air max 1 eat the best and the worst of detective stories hollow. I have listened to cranks, amateur detectives, crooks, parsons and expert fi nike air max 90 sale ctionists, but never in my experience have I eve nike air max r heard anything quite so improbable as your th nike air max 90 eory. It happens that I have met Briggerland and I’ve met his daughter too, and a more beautiful girl I don’t think it has been my pleasure to meet.”
Jack groaned.
“Aren’t you feeling well?” asked the chief unpleasantly.③

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