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“You take a rebuff very easily,” said the girl, but he shook his head.
“My dear Jean, I know women as well as I know the bac nike air max 1 leopard k of my hand, and I tell you that there’s nothing doing with this girl. I’m not a fool.”
She looked at him earnestly.
“No, you’re not a fool,” she said at last. “You’re hardly likely to make a mista nike air max 1 grey ke about that sort of thing. I’m afraid you’ll have to do something more romantic.”
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“You’ll have to run away with her; and like the knights of old carry off the lady of your choice.”
“The knights of old didn’t have to go before a judge and jury and serve seven years at Dartmoor for thei nike air max 1 premium r sins,” he said unpleasantly.
Sh nike air max 1 e was sitting on a low chair overlooking the sea, whittling a twig with a silver-handled knife she had taken from her ba nike air max 1 red g–a favourite occupation of hers in moments of cogitation.
“All the ladies of old didn’t go to the police,” she said. “Some of them were quite happy with their powerful lords, especially delicate-minded ladies who shrank from advertising their misfortune to the readers of the Sunday press. I think most women like to be wooed in the cave-man fashion, M cheap nike air max 1 arcus.”
“Is that the kind of treatment you’d like, Jean?”
There was a new note in his voice. Had she looked at him she would ha nike air max 1 black ve seen a strange light in his eyes.
“I’m merely advancing a theory,” she said, “a theory which has been supported throughout the ages.”
“I’d let her go and her money, too,” he said. He was speaking quickly, almost incoherently. “There’s only one woman in the world for me, Jean, and I’ve told you that before. I’d give my life and soul for her.” Nike air max 1
He bent over, and caught h air max 1 er arm in his big hand.
“You nike air max 1 ebay believe in the cave-man method, do you?” he breathed. “It is the kind of treatment you’d like, eh, Jean?”
She did not attempt to release her arm.
“Keep your hand to yourself, Marcus, please,” she said quietly.
“You’d like it, wouldn’t you, Jean? My God, I’d sacrifice my soul for you, you little devil!”
“Be sensible,” she said. It was not her words or her firm tone that made him draw back. Twice and delibera cheap air max 1 tely she drew the edge of her little knife across the back of his hand, and he leapt away with a howl of pain.
“You–you beast,” he stammered, and she looked at him with her sly smile.
“There must have been cave women, too, Marcus,” she said coolly, as she rose. “They had their methods–give me your handkerchie nike air max 1 sale f, I want to wipe this knife.”
His face was gr cheap nike air max 1 ey now. He was looking at her like a man bereft of his senses.
He did not move when she took his handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the knife, closed and slipped it into her bag, before she replaced the handkerchief tidily. And all the time he stood there with his hand streaming with blood, incapable of movement. It was not until she had disappeared round the corner of the house that he pulled out the handkerchief and wrapped it about his hand.
“A devil,” he whimpe red, almost in tears, “a devil!”③

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