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“If you haven’t any money with you, don’t worry. I have plenty and you can pay me afterwards. I could make you a million francs to-day.”
“Thank you,” said Jean coolly, “but Mrs. Meredith does nike air max classic not bet so heavily.”
Her tone was a clear intimation to the man of wits that he was impinging upon somebody else’s preserves and he grinned amiably.
Nevertheless, it was a profitable afternoon for L Nike Air Max 1 ydia. S nike air max 1 he came back to Cap Martin twenty thousand francs richer than she had been when she started off.
“Lydia’s had a lot of luck she tells me,” said Mr. Briggerland.
“Yes. She won about five hundred pounds,” said his daughter. “Marcus was laying ground bait. She did not know what horses he had backed until after the race was run, when he invariably appeared with a few _mille_ notes and Lydia’s pleasure was p Air Max 1 athetic. Of course she didn’t win anyt nike air max hing. The twenty thousand francs was a sprat–he’s coming to-night to see how the whales are blowing!”
Mr. Marcus Stepney arrived punctually, and, to Mr. Briggerland’s disgust, was dressed for dinner, a fact which necessitated the older man’s hurried retreat and reappearance in conventional evening wear.
Marcus Stepney’s behaviour at dinner was faultless. He devoted himself in the main to Mrs. Cole-Mortimer and Jean, who apparently never looked at him and yet obs nike air max 95 erved his every movement, knew that he was merely waiting his opportunity.
It came when the dinner was over and the party adjourned to the big stoep facing the sea. The night was chilly and Mr. Stepney found wraps and furs for the ladies, and so manoeuvred the arrangement of the chairs that Lydia and he were detached from Cheap Nike Air Max 1 the remainder of the party, not by any great distance, but sufficient, as the experienced Marcus knew, to remove a murmured conversation from the sharpest eavesdropper.
Jean, who was carrying on a three-cornered conversation with her father and Mrs. Cole-Mortimer, did not stir, until she saw, by the light of a shaded lamp in the roof, the cheap nike air max trainers dark head of Mr. Marcus Stepney droop more confidently towards his companion. T nike air max 90 sale hen she rose and strolled across.
Marcus did not curse her because he did not express his inmost thoughts aloud.
He gave her his chair and pulled another forward.
“Does Miss Briggerland know? cheap nike air max ” asked Lydia.
“No,” said Mr. Stepney pleasantly.
“May I tell her?”
“Of course.”
“Mr. Stepney has be cheap nike air max en telling me about a wonderful racing coup to be made to-morrow. Isn’t it rather thrilling, Jean? He says it will be nike air max sale quite possible for me to make five million francs without any risk at all.”
“Except the risk of a million, I suppose,” smiled Jean. “Well, are you going to do it?” Lydia shook her head.
“I haven’t a million francs in France, for one thing,” she said, “and I wouldn’t risk it if I had.”
And Jean smiled again at the discomfiture which Mr. Marcus Stepney strove manfully to hide.
Later she took his arm and led him into nike air max 90 the garden. ③

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