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„Don’t ask him nike air max 95 any questions now,“ said the girl sharply. „Help him back to the house.“
A doctor was summoned an nike air max sale d stitched the wound. He gave an encouraging report, and was not too inquisitive as to how t cheap nike air max he injury had occurred. Foreign visitors get extraordinary things in the regions of Mo nike air max sale nte Carlo, and medical men lose nothing by their discretion.
It was not until that afternoon, propped up with pillows in a chair, the centre of a sympathetic audience, that Mr. Briggerland told his story.
„I had a feeling that something was wrong,“ he said, „and I went up to investigate. I heard a shot fired, almost within a few yards of me, and dashing through the bushes, I saw the fellow taking aim for the second time, and seized him. You remember the second shot went high.“
„What sort of a man was he?“ asked Stepney.
„He was an Italian, I s nike air max 1 hould think,“ answered Mr. Briggerland. „At any rate, cheap nike air max he caught me an awful whack with the back of nike air max 90 his rifle, and I knew no more until Jean found me.“
„Do you think he was firing at me?“ asked nike air max Lydia in horror.
„I am certain of it,“ said Briggerland. „I realised it the moment I saw cheap nike air max trainers the fellow.“
„How am I to thank you?“ said the girl impulsively. „Really, it was wonderful of you to tackle an armed man with your bare hands.“
Mr. Briggerland closed his eyes and sighed.
„It was nothing,“ he said modestly.
Before dinner he and his daughter were left alone for the first ti nike air max me since the accident.
„What happened?“ she asked.
„It was going to be a little surprise for you,“ he said. „A little scheme of my own, my dear; you’re always calling me a funk, and I wanted to prove—-“
„What happened?“ she asked tersely.
„Well, I went out yesterday morning and fixed it all. I bought the rifle, an old English rifle, at Amiens from a cheap nike air max peasant. I thought it might come in handy, especially as the man threw in a packet of ammunitio nike air max classic n. Yesterday morning, lying awake before daybreak, I thought it out. I went up to the hill nike air max 90 sale –the land belongs to an empty house, by the way–and I located the spot, put the rifle where I could find it easily, and fixed a pair of glass goggles on to one of the bushes, where the sun would catch it. The whole scheme was not without its merit as a piece of strategy, my dear,“ he said complacently.
„And then—-?“ she said.
„I thought we’d go bathing yesterday, but we didn’t, but to-day–it was a long time before anybody spotted the glasses, but once I had the excuse for going ashore and inv estigating, the rest was easy.“
She nodded.
„So that was why you asked me to keep her on the raft, and make her stand up?“ ③

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