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“I’ll go and see,” said Briggerland, but she caught his arm.
“Do you think they’ll tell you?” she asked sarcastically.
She ran up to her own room and watched them from behind a curtain. Presently they passed out of sight to the other sid nike free 3.0 sale e of the house, and she went into Lydia’s room and overlooked them from there. Suddenly she saw the detective stoop and pick up something from the ground, and her teeth set.
“The burnt story,” she said. “I never dreamt they’d look for that.”
It was only a scrap they found, but it was in Lydia’s writing, and the pencil mark was clearly visible on the charred ashes.
“‘Laura Martin,'” read the detective. “‘L.M.,’ and there are the words ‘ nike free trainers uk tragic’ and ‘remorse’.”
From nike free run plus the remainder of the charred fragmen nike free review ts they collected nothing of importance. Jean watched them disappear along the avenue, and went down to her father.
“I had a fright,” she said.
“You look as if you’ve still got it,” he said. He eyed her keenly.
She shook her head.
“Father, you must understand that this adventure may end disastrously. There are ninety-nine chances against the truth being known, but it is the extra chance that is worrying me. We ought to have settled Lydia more quietly, more naturally. There was too much melodrama and shooting, but I don’t see how we could have done anything else–Mordon was very tiresome.”
“Where did Glover come from?” asked Mr. Briggerland.
“He’s been here all the time,” said the girl.
She nodded.
“He was old Jaggs. I had an idea he was, but I was c nike free run 2 review ertain when I remembered that he had stayed at Lydia’s flat.”
He nike free 5.0 v4 put down his tea cup and wiped his lips with a silk handkerchief.
“I wi cheap nike free run 2 sh this business was over,” he said fretfully. “It looks as if we shall have trouble.”
“Of course we shall,” she said coldly. “You didn’t expect to get a fortune of six hundred thousand pounds without trouble, did you? I dare say we shall be suspected. But it takes a lot of suspicion to worry me. We’ll be in calm water soon, for the rest of our lives.”
“I hope so,” he said without any great conviction.
Mrs. Cole-Mortimer was prostrate and in bed, and Jean had no patience to see her.
She herself ordered the dinner, and they had finished when a visitor in the shape of Mr. Marcus Stepney came in.
It was unusual of Marcus to appear at the dinner hour, except in evening dress, and she remarke nike free d the fact wonderingly.
“Can I have a word with you, Jean?” he nike free running shoes asked.
“What is it, what is it?” asked Mr. Briggerland testily. “Haven’t we had enough mysteries?”
Marcus eyed him without favour.
“We’ll have another one, if you don’t mind,” he said unpleasantly, and the girl, whose every sense was alert, picked up a wrap and walked into the garden , with Marcus following on her heels.
Ten minutes passed and they did not return, a quarter of an hour went by, and Mr. Briggerland grew uneasy. He got up fr nike free run om his chair, put down his book, and was half-way across the room when the door opened and Jack Glover came in, followed by the detective.
It was the Frenchman who spoke.
“M’sieur Briggerland, I have a warrant from the Prefect of the Alpes Maritimes for your nike free run 3 arrest.”
“My arrest?” spluttered the dark man, his teeth chattering nike free 3.0 review . “What–what is the charge?”
“The wilful murder of Francois nike free run 2 Mordon,” said the officer. ③

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