Know this old man is certainly not mortal

Know this old man is certainly not mortal, and that piece of glittering and translucent get rid of the wek-jin and less mundane, Ye Zhengling heard her baby grandson will have small, worry immediately asked: “long, can you tell me what time? And how to solve this?”
“This one is television with lone star, suffered loneliness, because a lifetime do good, so can enjoy shangbeizi product thick blessing in my life, as to what, rest assured, is a peach blossom day! As to how to solve, cat was not leak! Ha ha, the child in this life is doomed to and women love, you don’t need too rigid, fate is so, no wonder he!” Old man a meaningful way.
At noon the news Again when all the line of sight of people gathered on the child, the road has quietly disappeared in the room. Etc, all which have the strange old man, this leaves no way to the life of a bit thick mysterious, more is grandpa and grandpa value.
“Just as the long said named leaves without a word, in-laws?” Ye Zhengling Yang looked really asked.
way, leaves no way! Call leaves no way!” Military decisions and the nature of the decisive let Yang looked really soon, on the one hand is to feel the mystique of the road and he said his grandson strange origin, on the other hand, this name also let oneself be very satisfied.
Seems to be liked to their name, little one opened mouth happy laugh, make everyone is laughing, especially the two old people over 60, eyes are shining with tears of joy.
Leaves no way, no all people almost fanatical spoil long gradually in the city, but for now China month plan is not yet complete, otherwise the Yang family leaves home really give him pick the moon for the little emperors as toys. He is the most expensive flowers in the greenhouse, all adults with their own to caress the gifts given to the two families, each birthday to earth-shattering, apart from two families to present more than one hundred people, and invites all elites and politicians, let alone have the Mafia bosses have to give this black prince sells a face in the future.
This subsequently leaves nothing birthday feast day has become a status symbol, has made many people sharpening head want to attend, leaf and leaf family has enough economic power and connections to operate the huge social activities, every year do.
Leaves no way weaning to much later than normal children, can even walk also clamouring for milk, making her mother Yang Ning ice this recognized “iceberg goddess” very sorry, but due to inherent motherhood, could not stand grinding of kid every time and meet the requirements of his strange, this kind of situation until the blade has no way to stop only three and a half years old.
nba news Leaves nothing to sleep have a habit, just like sleep arm around someone’s neck, once he fell, the whole night just won’t let go, from now on we are not difficult to see that leaves no way is really very has a genius for gourmet sex maniac. His beautiful young aunt Yang Ningsu once when he was four years old for love must accompany this little one to sleep one night, the result leaves no way hug all D province men dream body, could lead to hunger strike threat to adult and young aunt have to sleep, the results had already moved out to live alone Yang Ningsu back on purple maple leaf home villas, with this little prince leaves home sleep, if outside of the man know the cruel fact, also not vomiting blood died one by one! Although the enjoy for men is the ultimate happiness guy was just a little lad, but ultimately it’s a man.
Leaves no way and his own “best lover” came to be known as D province beautiful young aunt to sleep to the age of nine, in the mother under the policy of carrots and sticks with tears and finally their own “beauty sleep” to say goodbye, but result in compensation is can sleep hug Yang Ning ice plus a story every night before going to bed. (lead a sly smile — more accept lost it!)
In leaves, the strong request of inhumanity, purple maple house full of servants are all beauty, perhaps leaves no way is not very serious uniform fetish is formed at that time, maybe more early, sleep is no longer needed and leaves no way Yang Suning move out after the leaf has no way to watch TV for more time to get up, because his sister wearing the uniform appearance really is the enjoyment on the vision, it’s no wonder that she always support the program’s ratings high. Of course this does not mean that Yang Ningsu is vase, she is his fudan Shanghai!
nba sports Yang’s woman no one is to rely on appearance, you eat Yang Ning Yang Ningsu and ice when they are in college has been a part-time job, and to rely on scholarships each year completely themselves through college, it leaves no way is really as myth.
All say the rabbit don’t eat a nest side grass, but no a woman servant at home from leaves no way this little Wolf “harassment” and “infringement”, although is only meet a small demand for soft objects, but let Yang Ning ice the mother is very headache, just imagine, one of only seven or eight years old boy in the garden stood on tiptoe to secretly to kiss a girl of flushed a picture of what, nine leaves no way has a great interest on women’s chest, don’t say those servants, is the young aunt Yang Ningsu also did not escape his Wolf claws, so early Yang Ning ice is used as a servant girl shy “indictment”.
Ten birthday, leaves without a word took his 14-year-old cousin, uncle is kexin Ye Shaojun daughter leaves, on the balcony with tagore “gardener” in a poem of the leaf kexin first kiss. Eleven or threaten or rhetoric or cheat or gun killed four three cousin, a cousin and cousin of the first kiss, can be destructive.
At the age of twelve, the little Wolf has almost completed the generation of family members of the opposite sex “sweeps” work, women’s bodies were he felt clearly, after repeatedly groped “theory” and “practice verification”, then has almost is a skilled and magical craftsmanship running around here like a pro.
4 morning, leaves no way, no, it has been loudly declared himself was a man, and the results to adult is a burst of laughter, Yang Ning ice cherish him in his arms jiao laughing, if she know that her baby son, I’m afraid I won’t feel leaves no way after its record in joking, Yang Ningsu is wonderful eyes, with his eyes, leaves no way said you a little Wolf, only dad leaf painting is a face of vague expressions.
The night before that day, leaves no way to complete the process from a boy into a man, for he, the forbidden fruit is no longer forbidden fruit, just like every day can always enjoy the common fruits.
visit this site Can do that can be said to be “a third and two-thirds of perspiration talent” for that first leaf painting this is definitely not good father helped largely complicit, he instigated lobular said no way for each beauty “appropriate sex”, and he leaves no way instills a man born in order to conquer the beauty of the faith, still he taught leaves no way various skills of chasing girls, such as back love poems to prepare flowers and so on various make romantic style.
Rome is not build in a day, so let’s make a playboy also isn’t a day.
Soon, leaves no way 15 years old birthday is around the corner.

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