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“The story I am writi nike air max 1 black ng and which I think will cr nike air max 1 leopard eate a sensation,” she said calmly.
“What’s this?” asked Briggerland suspiciously. “A story? I didn’t know nike air max 1 you were writing that kind of Stuff.”
“There are lots of important things that you know nothing about, parent,” she said and left him a little dazed.
For once Jean was not deceiving h im. A writing table had been put in her room and a thick pad of paper awaited her attention. She got into her kimono and with a little sigh sat down at the table and began to write. It was half-past two when she gathered up the sheets and read them over with a smile which was half contempt. She was on the point of getting into bed when she remembered that her father was keeping watch below. She put on her slippers and went downstairs and tapped gently at the door of the darkened dining-room.
Almost immediately it was opened.
“What did you want to tap for?” he grumbled. “You gave me a nike air max 1 red start.”
“I preferred tapping to being shot,” she answered. “Have you heard anything or seen anybody?”
The French windows of the dining-room were open, her father was wearing his coat and on his arm she saw by the reflected starlight from outsid nike air max 1 sale e he carried a shot-gun.
“Nothing,” he said. cheap air max 1 “The old man hasn’t come to-night.”
She nodded.
“Somehow I didn’t think he would,” she said.
“I don’t see how I can shoot him without making a fuss.”
“Don’t be silly,” said Jean lightly. “Aren’t the police well aware that an elderly gentleman has threatened my life, and would it be remarkable if seeing an ancient man prowl about this house you shot him on sight?”
She bit her lips thoughtfully.
“Yes, I think you can go to bed,” she said. “He will not be her e to-night. To-morrow night, yes.”
She went up to her room, said her prayers and went to bed and was asleep immediately.
Lydia had nike air max 1 sale forgotten about Jean’s story until she saw her writing industriously at a small table which had been placed on the lawn. It was February, nike air max 1 grey but the wind and the sun were warm and Lydia thought she h air max 1 ad never seen a more beautiful picture than the girl presented sitting there in a garden spangled with gay flowers, heavy with the scent of February roses, a dainty figure of a girl, almost ethereal in her loveliness.
“Am I interrupting you?”
“Not a bit,” said Jean, putting down her pen and rubbing her wrist. “Isn’t it annoying. I’ve got to quite an exciting part, and my wrist is giving me hell.”
She used the word so naturally that Lydia forgot to be shocked.
“Can I do anything for you?”
Jean shook her head.
“I don’t exactly see what you can do,” she said, “unless you could–but, no, I would not a nike air max 1 premium sk you to do that!”
“What is it?” asked Lydia.
Jean puckered her brows in thought.
“I suppose you could do it,” she said, “but I’d hate to ask you. You see, dear, I’ve got a chapter to finish and it really ought to go off to nike air max 1 ebay Lond cheap nike air max 1 on to-day. I am very keen on getting an opinion from a literary friend of mine–but, no, I won’t ask you.”
“What is it?” smiled Lydia. “I’m sure you’re not going to ask the impossible.”
“The thought occurred to me that perhaps you might write as I dictated. It would only be two or three pages,” said the girl apologetically. “I’m so full of the story at this moment that it would be a shame if I allowed the divine fire of inspiration–that’s the term, isn’t it–to go out.”
“Of course I’ll do it,” said Lydia. “I can’t write shorthand, but that doesn’t matter, does it?”
“No, longhand will be quick enough for me. My thoughts aren’t so fast,” said the girl.
“What is it all about?”
“It is about a girl,” said Jean, “who has stolen a lot of money—-”
“How thrilling!” smiled Lydia. ③

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