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“Nothing,” she said with that composure which she could command. “I must have fainted. It was rathe r ridiculous of me, wasn’t it?” she smiled.
She got unsteadily to her feet and again she felt her throat. Lydia noticed the action.
“Did he hurt you?” she asked anxiously. “It couldn’t have been Jaggs.”
“Oh no,” smiled Jean, “it couldn’t have been Jaggs. I think I’ll go to bed.”
nike air max 1 grey She did not expect to sleep. For the first time in her extraordinary life fear had come to her, and she had shivered on the very nike air max 1 leopard edge of the abyss. She felt the shudder she could not repress and shook herself impatiently. Then she extinguished the light and went to the window an nike air max 1 ebay d looked out. Somewhere there in the darkness she knew her enemy was hidden, and again that sense of apprehension swept over her.
“I’m losing my nerve,” she murmured.
It was extraordinary to Lydia Meredith that the girl showed no sign of her night’s adventure w nike air max 1 sale hen she came in to breakfast on the following morning. She looked bright. Her eyes were clear and her delicate irony as pointed as though she had slept the clock round.
Lydia did not swim that day, and Mr. Stepney had his journey out to Cap Martin in vain. Nor was she inclined to go ba nike air max 1 sale ck with him to Monte Carl cheap nike air max 1 o to the Casino in the afternoon, and Mr. Stepney began to realise that he was wasting valuable time.
Jean found her scribbling in the garden and Lydia made no secret of the task she was undertaking.
“Making your will? What a grisly idea?” she said as she put down the cup of tea she had carried out to the girl.
“Isn’t it,” said Lydia with a grimace. “It is the most worrying business, too, Jean. There is nobody I want to leave money to except you and Mr. Glover.”
“For heaven’s sake don’t leave me any or Jack will think I am conspiring to bring about your untimely end,” said Jean. “Why make nike air max 1 premium a will at all?”
There was no need for her to ask that, but she was curious to discover what reply the girl would make, and to her surprise Lydia fenced with the question.
“It is done in all the best circl air max 1 es,” she said good-humouredly. “And, Jean, I’m not interested in a single public institution! I don’t know by title the name of any home for dogs, and I s cheap air max 1 houldn’t be at all anxious to leave my money to one even if I did.”
“Then you’d better leave it to Jack Glover,” said the girl, “or to the Lifeboat Institution.”
Lydia threw down her pencil in disgust.
“Fancy making one’s will on a beautiful day like this, and giving instructions as to where one should be buried. Brrr! Jean,” she asked suddenly, “was it Mr. Jaggs you saw in the wood?”
Je nike air max 1 black an shook her head.
“I saw nobody,” she said. “I went in to look for the burglar; the excitement must have been too much for me, and I fainted.”
But Lydia was not satisfied.
“I can’t understand Mr. Jaggs myself,” she said, but Jean interrupted her with a cry.
Lydia looked up and saw nike air max 1 red her eyes shining and her lips parting in a smile.
“Of nike air max 1 course,” she said softly. “He used to sleep at your flat, didn’t he?”
“Yes, why?” asked the girl in surprise.③

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