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“To-night,” he said, and took both her hands in his. “I am sure I am right. It is too dangerous a letter to be in existence, Jean, dangerous for you and for me–you will let me have it to-night?”
She hesitated.
“It is in my room,” she said, an unnecessary statement, and, in the circumstances, a dangerous one, for his eyes dropped to the bag that hung at her wrist cheap nike air max .
“It is there,” he said. “Jean darling, do as I ask,” he pleaded. “You know, every time I think of that letter I go cold. I was a madman when I wrote it.”
“I have not got it here,” she said steadily. She tried to draw back, but she was too late. He gripped her wrists and pulled the bag roughly from her ha nike air max 90 sale nd. “Forgive me, but I know I am right,” he began, and then like a fury she flew at him, wrenched the bag from his hand, and by the very violence of her attack, flung him nike air max sale backward.
He stared at her, and the colour faded from his face leaving it a dead white.
“What is this you are trying to do?” he glowered at her.
“I will see you in the morning, Francois,” she said and turned.
Before she could reach the head of the stairs his arm was round her and he had dragged her back.
“My friend,” he said between his teeth, ” cheap nike air max trainers there is something in this matter which is bad for me.”
“Let me go,” she breathed and struck at his face cheap nike air max .
For a full minute they struggled, and then the door opened and Mr. Briggerland came in, and at the sight of his livid face, Mordon released his hold.
“You swine!” hissed the big man. His fist shot o nike air max 95 ut and Mordon went down with a crash to the ground. For a moment he was stunned, and then with a snarl he turned over on his side and whipped a revolver from his hip pocket. Before he could fire, the girl had g nike air max classic ripped the pistol and wrenched it from his hand.
“Get up,” said Briggerland sternly. “Now explain to me, my friend, what you mean by this disgraceful attack upon mademoiselle.”
The man rose and dusted himself mechanically and there was that in his face wh nike air max 90 ich boded no good to Mr. Briggerland.
Before he could s nike air max 2012 peak Jean intervened.
“Father,” she said quietly, “you have no right to strike Francois.”
“Francois,” spluttered Briggerland, his dark face purple with rage.
“Francois,” she repeated calmly. “It is right that you should know that Francois and I will be married next week.”
Mr. Briggerland’s jaw dropped. nike air max 2013
“What?” he almost shrieked.
She nodded.
“We are going to be married next week,” she said, “and the little scene you witnessed has nothing whatever to do with you.”
The effect of these words on Mordon was magic air max 2013 al. nike air max The malignant frown which had distorted his face cleared away. He looked from Jean to Briggerland as though it were impossible to believe the evidence of his ears.
“Francois and I love one another,” Jean went on in her even voice. “We have quarrelled to-night on a matter which has nothing to do with anybody nike air max 1 save ourselves.”
“You’re–going–to–marry–him–next–week?” said Mr. Briggerland dully. “By God, you’ll do nothing of the sort!”
She raised her hand. ③

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