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„Mrs. Meredith has come back now. I’m dreadfully sorry, I thou cheap nike air max ght she had gone into Monte Carlo. She’s in her room with a bad headache. Will you come and see her?“
There nike air max 95 was an interval of silence.
„Yes, I will come,“ said Jaggs.
Twenty minutes later a taxicab set down the old man at the door, and a maid admitted him and brought him into the saloon.
Jean rose to meet hi cheap nike online m. She looked at the bowed figure of old Jaggs. Took him all in, from his iron-grey hair to his dusty shoes, and then she pointed to a chair.
„Sit down,“ she said, and old Jaggs ob nike air max 1 eyed. „You’ve som cheap nike shoes ething very important to tell Mrs. Meredith, I suppose.“
„I’ll tell her that myself, miss,“ said the old man gruffly.
„Well, before you tell her anything, I want to make a confession,“ she smiled down on old Jaggs, and pulled up a chair so that she faced him.
He was sitting with his back to the light, holdi nike air max 90 sale ng his battered hat on his knees.
„I’ve really brought you up under false pretences,“ sh nike air max e said, „because Mrs. Meredith cheap nike air max isn’t here at all.“
„Not here?“ he said, half risin nike air max 90 g.
„No, she’s gone for a ride with our chauffeur. But I wanted to see you, Mr. Jaggs, because–“ she paused. „I realise that you’re a dear friend of hers and have her best interests at heart. I don’t know who you are,“ she said, shaking her head, „but I know, of course, that Mr. John Glover has employed you.“
„What’s all this about?“ he asked gruff cheap nike air max ly. „What have you to tell me?“
„I don’t know how to begin,“ she said, biting her lips. „It is such a delicate matter that I hate talking about it at all. But the attitud cheap nike air max trainers e of Mrs. Meredith to our chauffeur Mordon, is distressing, and I think Mr. Glover should be told.“
He di nike air max sale d not speak and she went on.
„These things do happen, I know,“ she said, „but I am happy to say that nothing of that sort nike air max classic has come into my experienc e, and, of course, Mordon is a good-looking man and she is young—-“
„What are you talking about?“ His tone was dictatorial and commanding.
„I mean,“ she said, „that I fear poor Lydia is in love with Mordon.“
He sprang to his feet.③

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