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“How strange!” she said, half to herself.
“Do you think so? I suppose from the European standpoint—-”
“No, no,” she stopped him. “I wasn’t thinking of that. You are logical and you do the logical thing. That is how I would treat my enemies.”
“If you had any,” he sugges nike air max classic ted.
She nodded.
“If I had any,” she repeated with a hard little smile. “Will you tell me this–do I call you Mr. Muley or Lord Muley?”
“You may call me Wazeer, if you’r nike air max e so hard up for a title,” he said, and the little idiom sounded queer from him.
“Well, Wazeer, will you tell me: Suppose somebody who had something that you wanted very badly and they wouldn’t give it to air max 2013 you, and you had the power to destroy them, what would you do?”
“I should certainly destroy them,” said Muley Hafiz. “It is unnecessary to ask. ‘The common rule, the simple plan'” he quoted.
Her eyes were fixed on his face, and she was frowning, though this she did not know.
“I am glad I met you this afternoon,” she said. “It must be wonderful living in that atmosphere, the atmosphere of might and power, where men and women aren’t gover nike air max 2012 ned by the f nike air max 90 sale inicking rules which vitiate the Western world.”
He laughed.
“Then you are tired of your Western civilisation,” he said as he rose and helped her to her feet (his hands were long and delicate, and she grew breathless at the touch of them). “You must come along to my little city in the hills where the law is the sword of Muley Hafiz.”
She looked at him for a moment.
“I almost wish I could,” she said and held out her hand.
He took it in the European fashion and bowed over it. She seemed so tiny a thing by the side of him, her head did not reach his shoulder.
“Good-bye,” she said hurriedly and turning, walked back the way she had come, and he stood watching her until she was out of sight.
Chapter 32
She looked round to meet the scowling g cheap nike air max aze of Marcus Stepney.
“I must say you’re the limit,” he said violently. “There are lots of things I imagine you’d do, nike air max 2013 but to stand there in broad daylight talking to a nigger—-”
“If I stand in broad daylight and talk to a card-sharper, Marcus, I think I’m just low enough to do almost anything.”
“A damned Moorish nigger,” he spluttered, and her eyes narrowed.
“Walk up the road with me, and if you possibly can, keep your voice down to the level which gentlemen usually employ when talking to women,” she said.
She was in better condition than he, and he was a little out of breath by the time they reached the Cafe de Paris, which was crowded at that hour with the afternoon tea people.
He found a quiet corner, and by this time his anger, and a little of his courage, had nike air max 95 evaporated.
“I’ve only your interest at heart, Jean,” he said almost pleadingly, “but you don’t want people in our set to know you’ve been hobnobbing with this infernal Moor.”
“When you say ‘our set,’ to which set are you referring?” she asked unpleasantly. “Because if it is the set I believe you mean, they can’t think too cheap nike air max trainers badly of me for my liking. It would be a degradation to me to be admired by your set, Marcus.”
“Oh, come now,” he began feebly.
“I thought I had made it clear to you and I hoped you would carry the marks to your dying day”–there was malice in her voice, and he winced–“that I do not allow you to dominate my life or to censor my actions. The ‘nigger’ you referred to was more of a gentleman than nike air max 1 you can ever be, Marcus, because he has breed, which the Lord didn’t give to you.”
The waiter brought the tea at that moment, and the conversation passed to unimportant topics till he had gone.
“I’m rather rattled,” he apologised. “I lost six thousand louis last night.”
“Then you have six thousand reasons why you should keep on good terms with me,” nike air max sale said Jean smiling cheerfully.
“That cave man stuff?” he asked, and shook his head. “She’d raise Cain.”
Jean was laughing inside herself, but she did not show her merriment.
“You can but try,” she said. “I’ve already told you how it can be done.”
“I’ll try to-morrow,” h nike air max 90 e said after a thought. “By heavens, I’ll try to-morrow!”
It was on t cheap nike air max he tip of her tongue to say “Not to-morrow,” but she checked herself. ③

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