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“Don’t make me laugh!” he snapped. “Of course you knew who it was!” He took off the wig nike air max and peeled the beard from his face.
“Was that very painful?” she asked, sympathetically, and Jack snorted.
“How was I to know that it was you?” she demanded, virtuously indignant, “I thought you were a wicked old man—-”
“You thought nothing of the sort, Miss Briggerland,” said Jack. “You knew who I was, and you cheap nike online guessed why I had taken on this disguise. I was not many yards from you when it suddenly dawned upon you that I could not sleep at Lydia Meredith’s flat unless I went there in the guise of an old man.”
“Why should you want to sleep at her flat at all?” she asked innocently. “It doesn’t seem to me to be a very proper amb nike air max 95 ition.”
“That is an unnecessary question, and I’m wasting my time when I answer you,” said Jack sternly. “I went there to save her life, to protect her against your murderous plots!”
“My murderous plots?” she repeated aghast. “You surely don’t know what you’re saying.”
“I know this,” and his face was not pleasant to see. “I have sufficient evidence to secure the arrest of your father cheap nike shoes , and possibly yourself. For months I have been working on that first providential accident of yours–the rich Australian who died with such remarkable suddenness. I may not get you in the Meredith case, and I may not be able to jail you for your attacks on Mrs. Meredith, but I have enough evidence to hang your father for the earlier crime.”
Her face was blank–expressionless. Never before had she been brought up short with such a threat as cheap nike air max trainers the man was uttering, nor had she ever been in danger of detection. And all the time she was eyeing him so steadily, not a muscle of her fa nike air max 90 ce moving, her mind was groping back into the past, examining every detail of the crime he had mentioned, seeking for some flaw in the carefully prepared plan which had brought a good man to a violent and untimely end.
“That kind of bluff doesn’t impress me,” she said at last. “You’re in a poor way when you have to invent crimes to at tach to me.”
“We’ll go into that later. Where is Lydia?” he said shortly.
“I tell you I don’t know, except that she has gone out for a drive. I expect her back very soon.”
“Is your father with her?”
She shook her head.
“No, father went out early. I don’t know who gave you authority to cross-examine me. Why, Jack Glover, you have all the importance of nike air max 1 a French examining magistrate,” she smiled.
“You may learn how important they are soon,” he said significantly. “Where is your chauffeur, Mordon?”
“He is gone, too–in fact, he is driving Lydia. Why?” she asked with a little tightening of heart. She had only just been in time, she thought. So they had associated Mordon w nike air max sale ith the forgery!
His first words confirmed this suspicion.
“There is a warrant for Mordon which will be executed as soon as he returns,” said Jack. “We have been able to trace him in London and also the woman who presented the cheque. We know his movements from the time he left Nice by aeroplane for Paris to the time he returned to Nice. The people who changed the money for him will swear to his identity.”
If he expected to startle her he was disappointed. She raised her eyebrows.
“I can’t believe it is nike air max classic possible. cheap nike air max Mordon was such an honest man,” she said. “We trusted him implicitly, and never once did he betray our trust. Now, Mr. Glover,” she said coolly, “might I suggest that an interview with a gentleman in my bedroom is not calculated to increase my servants’ respect for me? Will you go downstairs and wait until I come?”
“You’ll not attempt to leave this house?” he said, and she laughed.
“Really, you’re going on like one of those infallible detectives one reads about in the popular magazines,” she said a little contemptuously. “You have no authority whatever to keep me from leaving this house and nobody knows that better than you. But you needn’t be afraid. Sit on the stairs if you like until I come down.”
When he had gone she rang the bell for her maid and handed her an envelope.
“I shall be in the saloon, talkin nike air max 90 sale g to Mr. Glover,” she said in a low voice. “I want you to bring this in and say that you found it in the hall.”
“Yes, miss,” said the woman.
Jean proceeded leisurely to her toilet. In the struggle her dress had been torn, cheap nike air max and she changed it for a pale green silk gown, and Jack, pacing in the hall below, was on the point of coming up to discover if she had made her escape, when she sailed serenely down the stairs.
“I should like to know one thing, Mr. Glover,” she said as she went into the saloon. “What do you intend doing? What is your immediate plan? Are you going to spirit Lydia away from us? Of course, I know you’re in love cheap nike air max with her and all that sort of thing.”
His face went pink.
“I am not in love with Mrs. Meredith,” he lied.③

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