The good maintenance of wear parts of jaw crusher

Irrational promotions for these phenomena, it is clear that is incorrect. It is unfortunate, crushing machine industry has now caught in a vicious circle: obviously people cry “zero down payment”, but a lot of enterprises on the use of such means. First of all, there are only some small enterprises to participate in, and later even the large well-known ball mill manufacturing companies are involved, promotional products from certain categories of aircraft gradually spreading to more machines. Or even exclude some enterprises while shouting slogans against unfair competition, but side with others to follow use such means.

In recent years, with excess capacity and homogeneity intensifies in China”s stone crusher industry, which increased competition in the market .Some companies began to adopt some irrational promotions from buy product draw large domestic appliances to get prizes such as cars, small breakers until the introduction of mortgage purchase zero first-pay promotional measures.

Now , China crusher(jaw crusher) market opportunities have emerged , “tiger ” will come here. Tiger said here ,including the macroeconomic slowdown , tightening of monetary policy , tough credit environment, including market advances , the adverse situation of excess capacity ,rising raw material prices increasingly, labor costs ,as well as emerging problem of adverse market order. Due to these “tiger” catch-up,in the crusher industry more than a hundred Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers and component manufacturers have started a super- scale long-distance race. It is the the competition between enterprises has become not only the competition between product quality, But also the competition for technology, markets, capital technology , services ,marketing channels, R & D capabilities , and many other elements.

In fact, this phenomenon is not hard to understand in the vital interests of the real face of market share. Few companies are able to self-discipline truly. In fact, we all know that trade associations are not much binding to enterprises. Moreover, our law does not require enterprises which are not allowed to implement a zero down payment . In a market economy , naturally has its set of rules of the game . We want to ensure that our customers” crusher equipment safe and efficient production . At the same time ,the way to humane high- service brings a large number of customer loyalty , actively strengthen of determination China crusher .

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