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“I guess you’re dull consid nike air max 1 premium ‘able often, by the way things look when you git through carryin’ ’em, on cheap air max 1 this line,” said Perkins, who had no opinion of the freight department of the A.&B. The answer, though not proper to record in this place, was worthy of Perkins’s opponent, who had a standing grudge against the entire race of expressmen and carters who brought him boxes and barrels to handle. It always seemed to him that if they were all out of the country or dead he would have no work t nike air max 1 black o do.
Chapter 11 The Service On The Threshold
From this point on, the flitting went easily and smoothly enough, and the transportation of the Carey family itself to Greentown, on a mild budding day in April, was nothing compared to the heavy labor that had preceded it. All the goods and chattels had been despatched a week before, so that they would be on the spot we nike air max 1 red ll in advance, and the actual flitting took place on a Friday, so that G nike air max 1 ebay ilbert would have every hour of his vacation to assist in the settling process. He had accepted an invitat nike air max 1 leopard ion to visit a school friend at Easter, saying to his mother magisterially: “I didn’t suppose you’d want me round the house when you were getting things to rights; men are always in the way; so I told Fred Bascom I’d go home with him.”
“Home with Fred! Our only man! Sole prop of the House of Carey!” exclaimed his mother with consummate tact. “Why, Gilly dear, I shall want your advice every hour! And who will know about the planting,–for we are only ‘women folks’; and who will do all the hammering and carpenter work? You are so wonderful with tools that you’ll be worth all the rest of us put together!”
“Oh, well, if you need me so much as that I’ nike air max 1 ll go along, of course,” said Gilbert, “but Fred said his mother and sisters always did this kind of thing by themselves.”
“‘By themselves,’ in Fred’s family,” remarked Mrs. Carey, “means a butler, footman, and plenty of money for help of every sort. And though no wonder you’re fond of Fred, who is so jolly and such good company, you must have noticed how selfish he is!”
“Now, mother, you’ve never seen Fred Bascom more than half a dozen t imes!”
“No; and I don’t remember at all what I saw in him the last five of them, for I found out everything needful the first time he came to visit us!” returned Mrs. Carey quietly. “Still, he’s a likable, agreeable sort of boy.”
“And no doubt he’ll succeed in destroying the pig in him before he grows up,” said Nancy, passing through the room. “I thought it gobbled and snuffled a good de air max 1 al when we last met!”
Colonel Wheeler was at Greentown station when the family arrived, and drove Mrs. Carey and Peter to the Yell nike air max 1 sale ow House himself, while the rest followed in the depot carryall, with a trail of trunks and packages following on behind in an express wagon. It was a very early season, the roads were free from mud, the trees were budding, and the young grass showed green cheap nike air max 1 on all the sunny slopes. When the Careys had first seen their future home they had entered the village from the west, the Yellow House being the last one on the elm-shaded street, and quite on the outskirts of Beulah itself. Now they crossed the river below the station and drove through East Beulah, over a road unknown to any of them but Gilbert, who was the hero and instructor of the party. Soon the well-remembered house came into view, an cheap nike air max 1 d as the two vehicles had kept one behind the other there was a general cheer.
It was more beautiful even than nike air max 1 grey they had remembered it; and more commodious, and more delightfully situated. The barn door was open, showing crates of furniture, and the piazza was piled high with boxes.
Bill Harmon stood in the front doorway, smiling. He hoped Nike air max 1 for trade, and he was a good sort anyway.
“I’d about given you up to-night,” he called as he came to the gate. “Your train’s half an hour late. I got tired o’ waitin’, so I made free to open up some o’ your things for you to start housekeepin’ with. I guess there won’t be no supper here for you to-night.”
“We’ve got it with us,” said Nancy joyously, making acquaintance in an instant. ③

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