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she paraphrased from the old hymn, into Kathleen’s private ear.
„You oughtn’t to say such things, Nancy,“ rebuked Kathleen. „Mother wouldn’t like it.“
„I know it,“ confessed Na cheap nike air max ncy remorsefully. „I have been wicked since the moment I tried to get rid of You Dirty Boy. I don’t know what’s the matter with me. My blood seems to be too red, and it courses wildly through my veins, as the books say. I am going to turn over a new leaf, now that Cousin Ann’s gone and our only cross is Julia!“
Oh! but it is rather dreadful to think how one person can spoil the world! If only you could have seen the Yellow House after Cousin Ana went! If only you could have heard the hotel landlady exclaim as she drove past: „Well! Good riddance to bad rubbish!“ The weather grew warmer outside almost at once, and Bill Harmon’s son planted the garden. The fireplaces ceased to smoke and the kitchen stove drew. Colonel Wheeler suggested a new chain pump instead of the old wooden one, afte nike air max 90 r which the water took a turn for t cheap nike air max trainers he better, and before the month was ended the Yellow House began to look like home, notwithstanding Julia.
As for Beulah village, after its sleep of months under deep snow-drifts it had waked into the adorable beauty of an early New England summer. It had no snow-capped mountains in the distance; no amethyst foothills to enchain the eye; no wonderful canyons and splendid rocky passes to make the tourist marvel; no length of yellow sea sands nor plash of ocean surf; no trade, no amusements, no summer visitors;–it was just a quiet, little, sunny, verdant, leafy piece of heart’s content, that’s what Beulah was, and Julia couldn’t spoil it; indeed, the odds were, that it would sweeten Julia! That was what Mother Carey hoped when her heart had an hour’s leisure to drift beyond S nike air max hiny Wall into Peacepool and consider the need s of her five children. It was generally at twilight, when she was getting Peter to sleep, that she was busiest making „old beasts into new.“
„People fancy that I make things, my little dear,“ says Mother Carey to Tom the Water Baby, „but I sit here and make them make themselves!“
There was once a fairy, so the tale goes, who was so clever that she found out how to make butterflies, and she was so proud that she flew straight off to Peacepool to boast to Mother Carey of her skill.
But Mother Carey laughed.
„Know, silly child,“ she said, „that any one can make things if he will take time and trouble enough, but it is not every one who can make things make themselves.“
„Make things make themselves!“ Mother Carey used to think in the twilight. „I suppos cheap nike air max e that is what mothers are for!“
Nancy was making herself busily these nike air max days, and the offending Julia was directly responsible for such self-control and gains in general virtue as poor impetuous Nancy achieved. Kathleen was growing stronger and steadier and less self-conscious. Gilbert was doing better at school, and his letters showed more consideration and thought for the family than they had done heretofore. Even the Peter-bird was a little sweeter and more self-helpful just now, thought Mother Carey fondly, as she rocked him to sleep. He was worn out with following Natty Harmon at the plough, and succumbed quickly to the music of her good-night song and the comfort of her sheltering arms. Mother Carey had arms to carry, arms to enfold, arms to comfort and caress. She nike air max 95 also had a fine, handsome, strong hand admirable for spanking, but she had so many invisible methods of discipline at her nike air max sale command that she never needed a visible spanker for Peter. „Spanking is all very well in its poor way,“ she used to say, „but a woman who has to fall back on it very often is sadly lacking in ingenuity.“
As she lifted Peter into his crib Nancy came softly in at the door with a slip of paper in her hand.
She drew her mother out to the window over the front door. „Listen,“ she said. „Do you hear the frogs?“
„I’ve been listening to them for the last half-hour,“ her mother said. „Isn’t everything sweet to-night, with the soft air and the elms all feathered out, and the new moon!“
„Was it ever so green be nike air max 1 fore?“ Nancy wondered, leaning over the window-sill by her mother’s side. „Were the trees ever so lace-y? Was any river ever so clear, or any moon so yellow? I am so sorry for the city people tonight! Sometimes I think it c nike air max 90 sale an’t be so beautiful here as it looks, mother. Sometimes I wonder if part of the beauty isn’t inside of us!“ said Nancy.
„Part of all beauty is in the eyes that look at, it,“ her mother answered.
„And I’ve been reading Mrs. Harmon’s new reference Bible,“ Nancy continued, „and here is what it says about Beulah.“
She held the paper to the waning light and read: „_Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken cheap nike air max , neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate … but it shall be called Beulah, for the Lord delighteth in thee_.
„I think father would be comforted if he could see us all in the Yellow House at Beulah!“ Nancy went on softly as the two leaned out of the window together. „He was so loving, so careful of us, so afraid that anything should trouble us, that for months I couldn’t think of him, even in heaven, nike air max sale as anything b nike air max classic ut worried. But now it seems just as if we were over the hardest time and could learn to live here in Beulah; and so he must be comforted if he can see us or think about us at all;–don’t you feel like that, mother?“
Yes, her mother agreed gently, and her heart was grateful and full of hope. She had lost the father of her children and the dear companion of her life, and that loss could never be made good. Still her mind acknowledged the riches she possessed in her children, so she confessed herself neither desolate nor forsaken, but something in a humble human way that the Lord could take delight in.
Chapter 13 The Pink Of Perfection. ③

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