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“Of course if anything serious happens, or an Cheap Nike Air Max 1 y great need comes, we have the five thousand to draw upon,” interpolated Gilbert.
“I will draw upon that to save one of us in illness or to bury one of us,” said Mrs. Carey with determination, “but I will never live out of it myself, nor permit you to. We are five,–six, while Julia is with us,” she added hastily,–“and six persons will surely have rainy days coming to them. What if I should die and leave you?”
“Don’t, mother!” nike air max 90 they cried in chorus, so passionately that Mrs. C nike air max sale arey changed the subject quickly. “How much a year does it make, Nancy?”
“Three hundred and sixty plus one hundred plus two hundred equals six hundred and sixty,” read Nancy. “And I call it a splendid big lump of money!”
“Oh, my dear,” sighed her mother with a shake of the hea nike air max 1 d, “if you knew the difficulty your father and I have had to take care of ourselves and of you on five and six times that sum! We may have been a little extravagant sometimes following him about,–he was always so anxious to have us with him,–but that has be nike air max 90 sale en our only luxury.”
“We saved enough out of exchanging the grand piano to pay all the expenses down here, and all our railway fares, and everything so far cheap nike air max , in the way of boards and nails and Osh Popham’s labor,” recalled Gilbert.
“Yes, and we are still eating the grand piano at the end of two months, but it’s about gone, isn’t it, Mud nike air max classic dy?” Nancy asked.
“About gone, but it has been a great help, and our dear little old-fashioned square is just as much of a comfort.–Of course there’s the tapestry and the Van Twiller landscape Uncle gave me; they may yet be sold.”
“Somebody’ll buy the tapestry, but the Van Twiller’ll go hard,” and Gilb cheap nike air max trainers ert winked at Nancy.
“A picture that looks just the same upside down as the right way about won’t find many buyers,” was Nancy’s idea.
“Still it is a Van Twiller, and has a certain authentic value for all time!”
“The landscapes Van Twiller painted in the dark, or when he had his blinders on, can’t be worth very much,” insisted Gilbert. “You rem Nike Air Max 1 ember the Admiral thought it Air Max 1 was partridges nesting in the underbrush at twilight, and then we found Joanna had cleaned the dining room and hung the thing upside down. When it was hung the other end up neither father nor the Admiral could tell what it was; they’d lost the partridges and couldn’t find anything else!”
“We shall get something for it because it is a Van Twiller,” said Mrs. Carey hopefully; “and the tapestry is lovely.–Now we have been doing all our own work to save cheap nike air max money enough to make the house beautiful; yet, as Cousin Ann say nike air max s, nike air max 95 it does not belong to us and may be taken away at any moment after the year is up. We have never even seen our landlord, though Mr. Harmon has written to him. Are we foolish? What do you think, Julia?”
Chapter 15 Belonging To Beulah . ③

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