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„How should I know?–in bicycling costume, the fellow said.“
„But what height?–What complexion?“
„Didn’t ask,“ said Phipps. „DIDN’T ASK! Nonsense,“ said Dangle.
„Ask him yourself,“ said Phipps. „He’s an ostler chap in the White Hart,–short, thick-set fellow, with a red face and a crusty manner. Leaning up against the stable door. Smells of whiskey. Go and ask him.“
„Of course,“ said Dangle, taking his straw hat from the sh cheap air max 1 ade over the stuffed bird on the chiffonier an cheap nike air max 1 d turning towards the door. „I might have known.“
Phipps‘ mouth opened and shut.
„You’re tired, I’m sure, Mr. Phipps,“ said the lady, soothingly. „Let me ring for some tea for you.“ It suddenly occurred to Phipps that he had lapsed a little from his chivalry. „I was a little annoyed at the way he rushed me to do all this business,“ he said. „But I’d do a hundred times as much if it would bring you any nearer to her.“ Pause. „I WOULD like a little tea.“
„I don’t want to raise any false hopes,“ said Widgery. „But I do NOT believe they even came to Chichester. Dangle’s a v nike air max 1 red ery clever fellow, of course, but sometimes these Inferences of his–“
„Tchak!“ said Phipps, suddenly.
„What is it?“ said Mrs. Milton.
„Something I’ve forgotten. I went right out from here, went to every other hotel in the place, and never thought–But never mind. I’ll ask when the waiter comes.“
„You nike air max 1 grey don’t mean–“ A tap, and the door opened. „Tea, m’m? yes, m’m,“ said the waiter.
„One minute,“ said Phipps. „W as a lady in grey, a cycling lady–“
„Stopped here yesterday? Yessir. Stopped the night. With her brother, sir–a young gent.“
„Brother!“ said Mrs. Milton, in a low tone. „Thank God!“
The waiter glanced at her and understood everything. „A young gent, sir,“ he said, „very free with his money. Give the name of Beaumont.“ He proceeded to some rambling particulars, and was cross-examined by Widgery on the plans of the young couple.
„Havant! Where’s Havant?“ said Phipps. „I seem to remember it somewhere.“
„Was the man tall?“ said Mrs. Milton, intently, „distinguished looking? with a long, flaxen moustache? and spoke with a drawl?“
„Well,“ said the waiter, and thought. „His moustache, m’m, was scarcely long–scrubby more, and young looking.“
„About thirty-five, he was?“
„No, m’m. More like five and twenty. Not nike air max 1 leopard that.“
„Dear m Nike air max 1 e!“ said Mrs. Milton, speaking in a curious, hollow voice, fumbling for her salts, and showing the finest self-control. „It must have been her YOUNGER brother–must have been.“
„That will do, thank you,“ said Widgery, officiously, feeling that she would be easier under this new surprise if the man were dismissed. The waiter turned to go, and almost collided with Dangle, who was entering the room, panting excitedly and with a pocket handkerchief held to his right eye. „Hullo!“ said dangle. „What’s up?“
„What’s up with YOU?“ said Phipps.
„Nothing–an altercation merely with that drunken ostler of yours. He thought it was a plot to annoy him–that the Young Lady in Grey was mythical. Judged from your manner. I’ve got a piece of raw meat to keep over it. You have some news, I see?“
„Did the man hit you?“ asked Widgery.
Mrs. nike air max 1 ebay Milton rose and approached Dangle. „Cannot I do anything?“
Dangle was heroic. „Only tell me your news,“ he said, round the corner of the handkerchief.
„It was in this way,“ said nike air max 1 sale Phipps, and explained rather sheepishly. While he was doing so, with a running fire of commentary from Widgery, the waiter brought in a tray of tea. „A time table,“ said Dangle, promptly, „for Havant.“ Mrs. Milton poured two cups, and Phipps and Dangle partook in passover form. They caught the train by a hair’s breadth. So to Havant and inquiries.
Dangle was puffed up to find that h air max 1 is guess of Havant was right. In view of the fact that beyond Havant the Southampton road has a steep hill continuously on the right-hand side, and the sea on the left, he hit upon a magnificent scheme for heading the young folks off. He and Mrs. Milton would go to F nike air max 1 black areham, Widgery and Phipps should alight one each at the intermediate stations of Cosham and Porchester, and come on by the next train if they had no news. If they did not come on, a wire to the Fareham post office was to explain why. It was Napoleonic, and more than consoled Dangle for the open derision of the Havant street boys at the handkerchief which still protected his damaged eye.
Moreover, the scheme answered to perfection. The fugitives escaped by a hair’s breadth. They were outside the Golden A cheap nike air max 1 nchor at Fareham, and preparing to mount, as Mrs. Milton and Dangle came round the corner from the station. „It’s her!“ said Mrs. Milton, and would have screamed. „Hist!“ said Dangle, gripping the lady’s arm, removing his handkerchief in his excitement, and leaving the piece of meat over his eye, an extraordinary appeara nike air max 1 nce which seemed unexpectedly to calm her. „Be cool!“ said Dangle, glaring under the meat. „They must no nike air max 1 premium t see us. They will get away else. Were there flys at the station?“ The young couple mounted and vanished round the corner of the Winchester road. Had it not been for the publicity of the business, Mrs. Milton would have fainted. „SAVE HER!“ she said.
„Ah! A conveyance,“ said Dangle. „One minute.“ ③

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