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Mother Carey walked down the village street one morning late in August, while Peter, milk pail in hand, was running by her side and making frequent excursions off the main line of travel. Beulah looked enchanting after a night of rain, and the fields were greener than they had been since haying time. Unless Mr. Hamilton were away from his consular post on a vacation cheap air max 1 somewhere on the Continent, he should have received, and answered, Bill Harmon’s letter before this, she was thinking, as she looked at the quiet beauty of the scene that had so endeared itself to her in a few short months.
Mrs. Popham had finished her morning’s work and was already sitting at her drawing-in frame in the open doorway, making a very purple rose with a very scarlet centre.
“Will you come inside cheap max 1 , Mis’ Carey?” she asked hospitably, “or do you want Lallie Joy to set you a chair on the grass, same as you had last time?”
“I always prefer the grass, Mrs. Popham,” smiled Mrs. Carey. “As it’s the day for the fishman to come I thought we’d like an extra quart of milk for chowder.”
“I only hope he’ll make _out_ to come,” was Mrs. Popham’s curt response. “If I set out to _be_ a fishman, I vow I’d _be_ one! Mr. Tubbs stays to home whenever he’s hayin’, or his wife’s sick, or it’s stormy, or the children want to go to the circus!”
Mrs. Carey laughed. “That’s true; but as your husband reminded me last w cheap air 1 eek, when Mr. Tubbs disappointed us, his fish is always fresh-caught, and good.”
“Oh! of course Mr. Popham would speak up for him!” returned his wife. “I don’t see myself as it makes much diff’rence whether his fish is good nike air max 1 premium or bad, if he stays to home with it! Mebbe I look on the dark side a little mite; I can’t hardly help it, livin’ with Mr. Popham, and he so hopeful.”
“He keeps us all very merry at the Yellow House,” Mrs. Carey ventured.
“Yes, he would,” remarked Mrs. Popham drily, “but you don’t git it stiddy; hopefulness at meals, hopefulness evenin’s, an’ hopefulness nights!–one everlastin’ stiddy stream of hopefulness! He was jest so as a boy; always lookin’ on the bright side whether there was any or not. His mother ‘n’ father got turrible sick of it; so much sunshine in the house made a continual drouth, so old Mis’ Popham used to say. For her part, she said, she liked to think that, once in a while, there was a cloud that was a first-class clou nike air max 1 red d; a thick, black cloud, clean through to the back! She was tired to death lookin’ f nike air max 1 sale or Ossian’s silver linin’s! Lallie Joy’s real moody like me; I s’pose it’s only natural, livin’ with a father who never sees anything but good, no matter which way he looks. There’s two things I trust I shan’t hear any more when I git to heaven,–that’s ‘Cheer up Maria!’ an’ ‘It’s all for the best!’ As for Mr. Popham, he says any place’ll be heaven to him so long as I ain’t there, callin’ ‘Hurry up Ossian!’ so we have it, back an’ forth!”
“It’s a wonderful faculty, seeing the good in everything,” sighed Mrs. Carey.
“Wonderful tiresome,” returned Mrs. Popham, “though I will own up it’s Ossian’s only fault, and he can’t see his own misfortunes any clearer than he can see those of other folks. His new colt run away with him last week and stove the mowin’ machine all to pieces. ‘Never mind, Maria!’ he says, ‘it’ll make fust nike air max 1 ebay -rate gear for a windmill!’ He’s out in the barn now, fussin’ over it; you can hear him singin’. They was all here practicin’ for the Methodist concert last, night, an’ I didn’t sleep a wink, nike air max 1 black the tunes kep’ a-runnin’ in my head so! They always git Ossian to sing ‘Fly like a youthful hart or roe, over the hills where spices grow,’ an’ I tell him he’s too old; youthful harts an’ roes don’t fly over the hills wearin’ spectacles, I tell him, but he’ll go right on singin’ it till they have to carry him up on the platform in a wheeled chair!”
“You go to the Congregational church, don’t you, Mrs. Popham?” asked Mrs. Carey. “I’ve seen Lallie and Digby at Sunday-school.”
“Yes, Mr. Popham is a Methodist and I’m a Congregationalist, but I say let the children go where they like, so I always take them with me.”
Mrs. Carey was jus cheap air max 1 t struggling to conceal her amusement at this religious flexibility on Mrs. Popham’s part, when she espied Nancy flying down the street, bareheaded, waving a bit of paper in the air.
“Are you ‘most ready to come home, Muddy?” she called, without coming any nearer.
“Yes, quite ready, now Lallie has brought the milk. Good morning, Mrs. Popham; the children want me for some new enterprise.”
“You give yourself most too much to ’em,” expostulated Mrs. Popham; “you don’t take no vacations.”
“Ah, well, you see ‘myself’ is all I have to give them,” answered Mrs. Carey, taking Peter and going to meet Nancy.
“Mother,” said that young person breathlessly, “I must tell you what I didn’t tell at the time, for fear of troubling you. I wrote to Mr. Hamilton by the same post that Mr. Harmon did. Bill is so busy and such a poor writer I cheap nike air max 1 thought he wouldn’t put the matter nicely at all, and I didn’t want you, with all your worries, brought into it, so I wrote to the Consul myself, and kept a copy to sho nike air max 1 grey w you exactly what I said. I have been waiting at the gate for the letters every day for a week, but this morning Gilbert happened to be there and shouted, ‘A letter from Germany for you, Nancy!’ So all of them are wild with curiosity; Olive and Cyril too, but I wanted you to open and read it first because it may be full of awful blows.”
Mrs. Carey sat down on the side of a green bank between the Pophams’ corner and the Yellow House and opened the letter,–with some misgivings, it must be confessed. Nancy sat clos nike air max 1 leopard e beside her and held one edge of the wide sheets, closely filled.
“Why, he has written you a volume, Nancy!” exclaimed Mrs. Carey. “It must nike air max 1 be the complete story of his life! How long was yours to him?” “I don’t remember; pretty long; because there seemed to be so much to tell, to show him how we loved the house, and why we couldn’t spend Cousin Ann’s money and move out in a year or two, and a lot about ourselves, to let him see we were nice and agreeable and respectable.”
“I’m not sure all that was strictly necessary,” commented Mrs. Carey with some trepidation.
This was Lemuel Hamilton’s letter, dated from the office of the American Consul in Breslau, Germany.③

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