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e street with a feeling of relief.
The obliging tobacconist, who was loquacious on the subject of Germans and Germany, detained her until her stock of patience was exhausted; but at last she made her escape. Half-way across the street s nike air max 1 black he sa nike air max 1 leopard w the figure of a man standing in the dark hallway of the chambers, and her heart sank.
„Matilda, you’re a fool,“ she said to herself.
Her name was not Matilda, but in moments of self-depreciation she was wont to address herself as such.
She walked boldly up to the entrance and passed through. The man she saw out of the corner of her eye but did not recognize. He seemed as little desirous of attracting attention as she. She thought he was rather stout and sho nike air max 1 ebay rt, but as to this she was not sure. She raced up the stairs and turned on the landing to her room. The door of No. 4 was still ajar–but what was much more important, so was her door. There was no doubt about it, between the edge of the door and the jamb there was a good two inches of space, and she distinctly remembered not only closing it, but also pushing it to m cheap nike air max 1 ake sure that it was fast. What should she do? To her annoyance she felt a cold little feeling inside her and her hands were trembling.
„If the lights were only on I’d take the risk,“ she thought; but the lights were not on and it was necessary to pass into the dark interior and into a darker bath-room–a room which is notoriously adaptable for murder–before she could reach the meter.
„Rubbish, Matilda!“ she scoffed quaveringly, „go in, you frightened little rabbit–you forgot to shut the door, that’s all.“
She pushed the door open and with a shiver stepped insi nike air max 1 grey de.
Then a sound made her stop dead. It was a shuffle and a creak such as a dog might make if he brushed against the chair.
„Who’s there?“ she demanded.
There was no reply.
„Who’s there?“
She took one step forward and then something reached out at her. A big hand gripped her by the sleeve of her blouse and she air max 1 heard a deep breathing.
She bit her lips to stop the scream that arose, and with a wrench tore herself free, leaving a portion of a sleeve in the hands of the unknown.
She darted backward, slamming the door behind her. In two flying strides she was at the door of No. 4, hammering with both her fists.
„Drunk or sober he is a man! Drunk or sober he is a man!“ she muttered incoherently.
Only twice she beat upon the door when it opened suddenly and Mr. Beale stood in the doorway.
„What is it?“
She hardly noticed his tone.
„A man–a man, in my flat,“ she gasped, and showed her torn sleeve, „a man…!“
He pushed her aside and made for the door.
„The key?“ he said quickly.
With trembling fingers she extracted it from her pocket. nike air max 1 sale
„One moment.“
He disappeared into his own flat and presently came out holding an electric torch. He snapped back the lock, put the key in his pocket nike air max 1 red and then, to her amazement, he slipped a short-barrelled revolver from his hip-pocket.
With his foot he pushed open the door and she watched him vanish into the gloomy interior.
Presently came his voice, sharp and menacing:
„Hands up!“
A voice jabbered something exc cheap air max 1 itedly and then she heard Mr. Beale speak.
„Is your light working?–you can come in, I have him in the dining-room.“
She stepped into the bath-room, the shilling dropped through the aperture, the screw grated as she turned it and the lights sprang to life.
In one corner of the room was a man, a white-faced, sickly looking man with a head too big for his body. His hands were above his head, his lower lip trembled in terror.
Mr. Beale was searching him with thoroughness and rapidity.
„No gun, all right, put your hands down. Now turn out your pockets.“
The man said something in a language which the girl could not understand, and Mr. Beale replied in the same tongue. He put the contents, first of one pocket then of the other, upon the table, and the girl watched the proceedings with open eyes.
„Hello, what’s this?“
Beale picke cheap air max 1 d up a card. Thereon was scribbled a figure which might have been 6 or 4.
„I see,“ said Beale, „now the other pocket–you understand English, my friend?“
Stupidly the man obeyed. A leather pocket-case came from an inside pocket and this Beale opened.
Therein was a small packet which resembled the familiar wrapper of a seidlitz powder. Beale spoke sharply in a language which the girl realized was German, and the man shook his head. He said something which sounded like „No good,“ several times.
„I’m going to leave you here alone for awhile,“ said Beale, „my friend and I are going downstairs together–I shall not be long.“
They went out of the flat together, the little man with the big head protesting, and she heard their footsteps descending the stairs. Presently Beale came up alone and walked into the sitting-room. And then nike air max 1 the strange unaccountable fact dawned on her–he was perfectly sober.
His eyes were clear, his lips firm, and the fair hair whose tendencies to bedragglement had emphasized his disgrace was brushed back over his head. He looked at her so earnestly that she grew embarrassed.
„Miss Cresswell,“ he said quietly. „I am going to ask you to do me a great favour.“
„If it is one that I can grant, you may be sure that I will,“ she smiled, and he nodded.
„I shall not ask you to do anything that is impossible in spite of the humorist’s view of women,“ he said. „I merely want you to tell nobody about what has happened to-night.“
„Nobody?“ she looked at him in astonishment. „But the doc tor—-“
„Not even the doctor,“ he said with a twinkle in his eye. „I ask you this as a special favour–word of honour?“
She thought a moment.
„I promi nike air max 1 se,“ she said. „I’m to tell nobody about that horrid man from whom you so kindly saved me—-“
He lifted his head.
„Understand this, Miss Cresswell, please,“ he said: „I don’t nike air max 1 premium want you to be under any misapprehension about that ‚horrid man‘–he was just as scared as you, and he would not have harmed you. I have been waiting for him all the evening.“
„Waiting for him?“
He nodded again.
„In the doctor’s flat,“ he said calmly, „you see, the doctor and I are deadly rivals. We are rival scientists, and I was waiting for the hairy man to steal a march on him.“
„But, but–how did y

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