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ady rose to the occasion.
Now, as they passed into the room where their suppers were prepared, Mr. Hoopdriver caught a glimpse through a door ajar and floating in a reek of smoke, of three and a half faces– for the edge of the door cut one down–and an American cloth-covered ta north face sale ble with several glasses and a tank north face arctic parka ard. And he also heard a remark. In the second before he heard that north face size chart remark, Mr. Hoopdriver had been a proud and happy man, to particularize, a baronet’s heir incognito. He had surrendered their bicycles to the odd man of the place with infinite easy dignity, and had bowingly opened the door for Jessie. „Who’s that, then?“ he imagined people saying; and then, „Some’n pretty well orf–judge by the bicycles.“ Then the imaginary spectators would fall a-talking of the fashionableness of bicycling,–how judges And stockbrokers and actresses and, in fact, all the best people rode, and how that it was often the fancy of such great folk to shun the big hotels, the adulation of urban crowds, and seek, incognito, the cosy quai north face of the eiger ntnesses of village life. Then, maybe, they would think of a certain nameless air of distinction about th cheap north face jackets e lady who had stepped across the doorway, and about the handsome, flaxen-moustached, blue-eyed Cavalier who had followed her in, and they would look one to another. „Tell you what it is,“ one of the village elders would say–just as they do in novels–voicing the thought of all, in a low, impressive tone: „There’s such a thinas entertaining barranets unawares-not to mention no higher things–“
Such, I say, had been the filmy, delightful stuff in Mr. Hoopdriver’s head the moment before he heard that remark. But the remark top pled him headlong. What the precise remark was need not concern us. It was a casual piece of such satire as Strephon delights in. Should you be curious, dear lady, as to its nature, you have merely to dress yourself in a really modern cycling costume, get one of the feeblest-looking of your men to north face fleece escort you, and ride out, next Saturday evening, to any public house where healthy, homely people gather together. Then you will hear quite a North Face Sale lot of the kind of thing Mr. Hoopdriver heard. More, possibly, than you will desire.
The remark, I must add, implicated Mr. Hoopdriver. It indicated an entire disbelief in his social standing. At a blow, it shattered all the gorgeous imaginative fabric his mind had been rejoicing in. All that foolish happiness vanished like a dream. And there was nothing to show for it, as there is nothing to show for any spiteful remark that has ever been made. Perhaps the man who said the thing had a gleam of satisfaction at the idea of taking a complacent-looking fool down a peg, but it is just as possible he did not know at the time that his stray shot had hit. He had thrown it as a boy throws a stone at a bird. And it not only demolished a foolish, happy conceit, but it wounded. It touched Jessie grossly.
She did not hear it, he concluded from her subsequent bearing; but during the north face gilet supper they had in the little private dining-room, though she talked cheerfully, he was preoccupied. Whiffs of indistinct conversation, and now and then laughter, came in from the inn parloiir through the pelargoniums in the open window. Hoopdriver felt it must all be in the same strain,–at her expense and his. He answered her abstractedly. She was tired, she said, and presently went to her room. Mr. Hoopdriver, in his courtly way, opened the door for her and bowed her out. He stood listening and fearing some new offence as she went upstairs, and round the bend where the barometer hung beneath the stuffed birds. Then he went back to the room, and stood on the hearthrug before the. paper fireplace ornament. „Cads!“ he said in a scathing undertone, as a fresh burst of laughter came floating in. All through supper he had been composing stinging repartee, a blistering speech of denunciation to be presently delivered. He would north face sale rate them as a nobleman should: „Call themselves Englishmen, indeed, and insult a woman!“ he would say; take the names and addresses perhaps, threaten to speak to the Lord of the Manor, promise to let them hear from him again, and so out with consternation in his wake. It really ought to be done.
„Teach ‚em better,“ he said fiercely, and tweaked his moustache painfully. What was it? He revived the objectionable remark for his own exasperation, and then went over the heads of his speech again.
He coughed, made three steps towards the door, then stopped and went back to the hearthrug. He wouldn’t–after all. Yet was he not a Knight Errant? Should such men go unreproved, unchecked, by wandering baronets incognito? Magnanimity? Look at it in that way? Churls beneath one’s notice? No; merely a cowardly subterfuge. He WOULD after all.
Something within him protested that he was a hot-headed ass even as he went towards the door again. But he only went on the more resolutely. He crossed the hall, by the bar, and entered the room from Cheap North Face Sale which the remark had proceeded. He opened the door abruptly and stood scowling on them in the doorway. „You’ll only make a mess of it,“ remarked the internal sceptic. There were five men in the room altogether: a fat person, with a long pipe and a great number of chins, in an armchair by the fireplace, who wished Mr. Hoopdriver a good evening very affably; a young fellow smoking a cutty and displaying crossed l north face egs with gaiters ; a little, bearded man with a toothless laugh; a middle-aged, comfortable man with bright eyes, who wore a velveteen jacket; and a fair young man, very genteel in a yellowish-brown ready-made suit and a white tie.
„H’m,“ said Mr. Hoopdriver, looking very stern and harsh. And then in a forbidding tone, as one who consented to no liberties, „Good evening.“
„Very pleasant day we’ve been ‚aving,“ said the fair young man with the white tie.
„Very,“ said Mr. Hoopdriver, slowly; and taking a brown armchair, he planted it with great deliberation where he faced the fireplace, and sat down. Let’s see–how did that speech begin?
„Very pleasant roads about here,“ said the fair young man with the white tie.
„Very,“ said Mr. Hoopdriver, eyeing him darkly. Have to begin somehow. „The roads about here are all right, an north face outlet d the weather about here is all right, but what I’ve come in here to say is–there’s some damned unpleasant people–damned unpleasant people!“
„Oh!“ said the young man with the gaiters, apparently making a mental inventory of his pearl buttons as he spoke. „How’s that?“
Mr. Hoopdriver put his hands on his knees and stuck out his elbows with extreme angularity. In his heart he was raving at his idiotic folly at thus bearding these lions,–indisputably they WERE lions,–but he had to go through with it now. Heaven send, his breath, which was already getting a trifle spasmodic, did not suddenly give out. He fixed his eye on the face of the fat man with the chins, and spoke in a low, impressive voice. „I came here, sir,“ said Mr. Hoopdriver, and paused to inflate his cheeks, „with a lady.“
„Very nice lady,“ said the man with North Face Sale UK the gaiters, putting his head on one side to admire a pearl button that had been hiding behind the curvature of his calf. „Very nice lady indeed.“
„I came here,“ said Mr. Hoopdriver, „with a lady.“
„We saw you did, bless you,“ said the fat man with the chins, in a curious wheezy voice. „I don’t see there’s anything so very extraordinary in that. One ‚ud think we hadn’t eyes.“
Mr. Hoopdriver coughed. „I came, here, sir–“
„We’ve ‚eard that,“ said the little man with the beard, sharply and went off into an amiab

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