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yes closed, his hands clasped in front of him, a picture of a man performing a most painful act of duty.
“I have a warrant—-” began the detective.
tiffany co engagement rings “You need no warrant,” said the girl quietly, “you are at liberty to search this flat or bring a woman to search me. I have nothing in these rooms which I am ashamed that you should see.”
The detective turned to his companion.
“Fred,” he said, “just have a look over that writing-bureau. Is it locked, miss?”
She had closed and locked the secretaire and she handed the man the key. The detective who had done the speaking passed into the bedroom, and the girl heard him pulling out the dr tiffany co bracelet awers. She did not move from where she stood confronting her late employer, still preserving his attitude of somnolent detachment.
“Mr. White,” she asked quietly, “I have a right to know who acc tiffany uk used me of stealing from your firm.”
He made no reply.
“Even a criminal has a right to that, you know,” she said, recovering some of her poise. “I suppose that you have been missing things for quite a long while–people always miss things for quite a long while before the thief is discovered, according to the Sunday papers.”
“I do not read newspapers published on the Lord’s Day,” said Mr. White reproachfully. “I do not know the habits of the criminal classes, but as you say, and I fear I must convey the gist of your speech to tiffany co the officers of the law, money has been missed from your department for a considerable time. As to your tiffany co 925 accuser, acting as–ah–as a good citizen and performing the duties which are associated with good-citizenship, I cannot reveal his, her, or their name.”
She was eyeing him curiously with a gleam of dormant laughter in her clear eyes. Then she heard a hurried footstep in the little passage and remembered that the door had been left open and she looked round.
The new-comer was Dr. van Heerden.
“What is this I hear?” he demanded fiercely, addressing White. “You dare accuse Miss Cresswell of theft?”
“My dear doctor,” began White.
“It is an outrage,” said the doctor. “It is disgraceful, Mr. White. I will vouch for Miss Cresswell with my life.”
The girl stopped him with a laugh.
“Please don’t be dramatic, doctor. It’s really a stupid mistake. I didn’t know you knew Mr. White.”
“It is a disgraceful mistake,” said the doctor violently. “I am surprised at you, White.”
Mr. White could not close his eyes any tighter than they were closed. He passed the respon tiffany uk sale sibility for the situation upon an invisible Providence with one heaving shrug of his shoulders.
“It is awfully kind of you to take this interest, doctor,” said the girl, putting out her hands to him, “it was just like you.”
“Is there anything I can do?” he asked earnestly. “You can depend upon me to the last shilling if any trouble arises out of this.”
“No trouble will arise out of it,” she said. “Mr. White thinks that I have stolen money and that that money is tiffany co outlet fake hidden in the flat–by the way, who told you that I had been accused?”
For a moment he was taken aback; then:
“I saw the police officers go into your flat. I recognized them, and as they were accompanied by White, and you had bee cheap tiffany n dismissed this morning, I drew my own conclusions.”
It was at this moment that the detective came back from the bedroom.
“There’s nothing there,” he said.
Mr. White opened his eyes to their fullest extent.
“In the bottom drawer of the bureau?” he asked incredulously.
“Neither in the bottom drawer nor the top drawer,” said the detective. “Have you found anything, Fred?”
“Nothing,” said the other man.
“Have a look behind those pictures.”
They turned up the corners of the carpets, searched her one little bookcase, looked under the tables, an unnecessary and amusing proceeding in the girl’s eyes till the detective explained with that display of friendliness which all policemen show to suspected pers tiffany and co ons whom they do not at heart suspect, it was not an uncommon process for criminals to tack the proceeds of bank-note robberies to the underside of the table.
“Well, miss,” said the detective at last, with a smile, “I hope we haven’t worried you very much. What do you intend doing, sir?” He addressed White.
“Did you search the bottom drawer of the bureau?” said Mr. White again.
“I searched the bottom drawer of the bureau, the top drawer and the middle drawer,” said the detective patiently. “I searched the back of the bureau, the trinket-drawer, the trinket-boxes—-”
“And it was not there?” said Mr. White, as though he could not believe his ears.
“It was not there. What I want to know is, do you charge this young lady? If you charge her, of course you take all the responsibility for the act, and if you fail to convict her you will be liable to an action for false arrest.”
“I know, I know, I know,” said Mr. White, with remarkable asperity in one so placid. “No, I do not charge her. I am sorry you have been inconvenienced”–he tiffany co terminal 5 turned to the girl in his most majestic manner–“and I trust that you bear no ill-will.”
He offered a large and flabby hand, but Oliva ignored it.
“Mind you don’t trip over the mat as you go out,” she said, “the passage is rather dark.”
Mr. White left the room, breathing heavily.
“Excuse me one moment,” said the doctor in a low voice. “I have a few words to say to White.”
“Please don’t make a fuss,” said Oliva, tiffany sale “I would rather the matter dropped where it is.”
He nodded, and strode out after the managing director of Punsonby’s. They made a little group of four.
“Can I see you in my flat for a moment, Mr. White?”
“Certainly,” said Mr. White cheerfully.
“You don’t want us any more?” asked the detective.
“No,” said Mr. White; then: “Are you quite sure you searched the bottom drawer of the bureau?”
“Perfectly sure,” said the detective irritably, “you don’t suppose I’ve been at this job for twenty years and should overlook the one place where I expected to find the letters.”
Mr. White was saved the labour of framing a suitable retort, for the door of Mr. Beale’s flat was flung open and Mr. Beale came forth. His grey hat was on the back of his head and he stood erect with the aid of the door-post, surveying with a bland and inane smi tiffany co careers le the little knot of men.
“Why,” he said jovially, “it’s the dear old doctor, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, it’s the jolly old Archbishop.”
Mr. White brindled. That he was known as the Archbishop in the intimate circles of his acquaintances afforded him a certain satisfaction. That a perfect stranger, and a perfectly drunken stranger at that, should employ a nickname which was for the use of a privileged few, distressed him.
“And,” said the swaying man by the door, peering through the half-darkness: “Is it not Detective-Sergeant Peterson and Constable Fairbank? Welcome to this home of virtue.”
The detective-sergeant smiled but said nothing. The doctor fingered his beard indecisively, but Mr. White essayed to stride past, his chin in the air, ignoring the greeting, but Mr. Beale was too quick for him. He lurched forwa tiffany co jewelry sale rd, caught the lapels of the other’s immaculate frock-coat and held himself erect thereby.
“My dear old Whitey,” he said.
“I don’t know you, sir,” cried Mr. White, “will you please unhand me?”

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