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„P’raps nobody did very much, but the parson hated him like p’ison. See here, Peter, I ain’t _made_ o‘ paste! You’ve used up ‚bout a quart a’ready! What are you doin‘ out there anyway? I’ve heerd o‘ paintin‘ the town,–I guess you’re paperin‘ it, ain’t you?“
Peter was too busy and too eager for paste to reply, the fa tiffany co bracelet cts of the cas tiffany uk sale e being that while Mr. Popham held the family spellbound by his conversation, he himself was papering the outside of the house with scraps of assorted paper as high up as his short arms could reach.
„There’s another thing you can do, Gilbert,“ continued Mr. Popham. „I’ve mixed a pail o‘ that green paint same as your mother wanted, an‘ I’ve brought you a tip-top brush. The settin‘ room has a good nice tiffany uk floor; matche tiffany co d boards, no hummocks nor hollers,–all as flat’s one of my wife’s pancakes,–an‘ not a knot hole in it anywheres. You jest put your firs t coat on, brushin‘ lengthways o‘ the boards, and let it dry good. Don’t let your folks go stepping on it, neither. The minute a floor’s painted women folks are crazy to git int‘ the room. They want their black alpacky that’s in the closet, an‘ the lookin‘ glass that’s on the mantelpiece, or the feather duster that’s hangin‘ on the winder, an‘ will you jest pass out the broom that’s behind the door? The next mornin‘ you’ll find lots o‘ little spots where they’ve tiptoed in to see if the paint’s dry an‘ how it’s goin‘ to look. Where I work, they most allers say it’s the cat,–well! that answer may deceive some folks, but ‚t wouldn’t me.–Don’t slop your paint, Gilbert; work quick an‘ neat cheap tiffany an‘ even; then paintin‘ ain’t no tri tiffany co engagement rings ck ‚t all. Any fool, the Lord knows, can pick up that trade!–Now I guess it’s about noon time, an‘ I’ll have to be diggin‘ for home. Maria sets down an‘ looks at the clock from half past eleven on. She’ll git a meal o‘ cold pork ’n‘ greens, cold string beans, gingerbread, ’n‘ custard pie on t‘ the table; then she’ll stan‘ in the front door an‘ holler: ‚Hurry up, Ossian! it’s struck twelve more ’n two minu tiffany co 925 tes ago, ’n‘ everything ’s gittin‘ overdone!'“
So saying he took off his overalls, seized his hat, and with a parting salute was off down the road, singing his favorite song. I can give you the words and the time, but alas! I cannot print Osh Popham’s dauntless spirit and serene content, nor his cheery voice as he travelled with tolerable swiftness to meet his waiting Maria.

Here comes tiffany co jewelry sale a maid-en full of woe.
Hi-dum-di-dum did-dy-i-o!
Here comes a maid-en full of woe.
Hi der-ry O!
Here comes a maid-en full of woe,
As full tiffany co terminal 5 of woe as she can go!
Hi dum did-dy i
O! Hi der-ry O!
Chapter 18 The House Of Lords
The Carey children had only found it by accident. All their errands took them down the main street to the village; to the Popham’s cottage at the foot of a little lane turning towards the river, or on to the post-office and Bill Harmon’s store, or to Colonel Wheeler’s house and then to the railway station. One afternoon Nancy and Kathleen had walked up the road in search of pastures new, and had spied down in a distant hollow a gloomy grey house almost surrounded by cedars. A grove of poplars to the left of it only made the prospect more depressing, and if it had not been for a great sheet of water near b tiffany co outlet fake y, floating with cow lilies and pond lilies, the whole aspect of the place would have been unspeakably dreary.
Nancy asked Mr. Popham who lived in the grey house behind the cedars, and when he told them a certain Mr. Henry Lord, his two children and housekeeper, they fell into the habit of speaking of the place as the House of Lords.
„You won’t never see nothin‘ of ‚em,“ said Mr. Popham. „Henry Lord ain’t never darkened the village for years, I guess, and the young ones ain’t never been to school so far; they have a teacher out from Portland Tuesdays and Fridays, and the rest o‘ the week they study up for him. Henry’s ‚bout as much of a hermit’s if he lived in a hut on a mounting, an‘ he’s bringing up the children so they’ll be jest as odd’s he is.“
„Is the mother dead?“ Mrs. Carey asked.
„Yes, dead these four years, an‘ a tiffany and co good job for her, too. It’s an awful queer world! Not that I could make a better one! I allers say, when folks grumble, ‚Now if you was given the materials, could you turn out a better tiffany co careers world than this is? And when it come to that, what if you hed to furnish your _own_ materials, same as the Lord did! I guess you’d be put to it!‘–Well, as I say, it’s an awful queer world; they clap all the burglars into jail, and the murderers and the wife-beaters (I’ve allers thought a gentle reproof would be enough punishment for a wife-beater, ‚cause he probably has a lot o‘ provocation that nobody knows), and the firebugs (can’t think o‘ the right name–something like cendenaries), an‘ the breakers o‘ the peace, an‘ what not; an‘ yet the law has nothin‘ to say to a man like Hen Lord! He’s been a college professor, but I went to school tiffany sale with him, darn his picter, an‘ I’ll call him Hen whenever I git a chance, though he does declare he’s a doctor.“
„Doctor of what?“ asked Mrs. Carey.③

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