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Mr. Lassimus White was the managing director and general manager of Punsonby’s. He held, or was supposed to hold, a third of the shares in that concern, shares which he had inherited from John Punsonby, his uncle, and the founder of the firm. He drew a princely salary and a substantial dividend, he was listed as a debenture holder and was accounted a rich man.
But Mr. White was not rich. Hi tiffany co s salary and his dividends were absorbed by a mysterious agency which called itself the Union Jack Investment and Mortgage Corporation, which paid premiums on Mr. White’s heavy life insurance and collected the whole or nearly the whole of his income. His secret, well guarded as it was, need be no secret to the reader. Mr. White, who had never touched a playing-card in his life and who grew apoplectic at the sin and shame of playing the races, was an inveterate gambler. His passion was for Sunken Treasure Syndicates, formed to recover golden ingots from ships of the Spanish Armada; for companies that set forth to harness the horse-power of the sea to the services of commerce; for optimistic companies that discovered radium mines in the Ural Mountains–anything which promised a steady three hundred per cent. per annum on tiffany co 925 an initial investment had an irresistible attraction for Mr. White, who argued that some day something would really fulfil expectations and his losses would be recovered.
In the meantime he was in the hands of Moss Ibramovitch, trading as the Union Jack Investment and Mortgage Corporation, licensed and registered as a moneylender according to law. And being in the hands of this gentleman, was much less satisfactory and infinitely more expensive than being in the hands of the bankruptcy officials.
In the evening of the day Oliva Cresswell had started working for he tiffany co engagement rings r new employer, Mr. White stalked forth from his gloomy house and his departure was watched by the two tough females who kept house for him, with every pleasure. He strutted eastward swinging his umbrella, his head well back, his eyes half-closed, his massive tiffany co bracelet waistcoat curving regally. His silk hat was pushed back from his forehead and the pince-nez he carried, but so seldom wore, swung from the cord he held before him in that dead-mouse manner which important men affect.
He had often been mistaken for a Fellow of the Royal Society, so learned and detached was his bearing. Yet no speculation upon the origin of species or the function of the nebula tiffany co outlet fake e filled his mind.
At a moment of great stress and distraction, Dr. van Heerden had arisen above his horizon, and there was something in Dr. van Heerden’s manner which inspired confidence and respect. They had met by accident at a meeting held to liquidate the Shining Strand Alluvial Gold Mining Company–a concern which had started forth in the happiest circumstances to extract the fabulous riches which had been discovered by an Am tiffany and co erican philanthropist (he is now selling Real tiffany uk sale Estate by correspondence) on a Southern Pacific island.
Van Heerden was not a shareholder, but he was intensely interested in the kind of people who subscribe for shares in Dreamland Gold mines. Mr. White had attended incognito–his shares were held in the name of his lawyer, who was thinking seriously of building an annex to hold the unprofitable scrip.
Mr. White was gratified to discover a kindred soul who believed in this kind of speculation.
It was to the doctor’s apartment that he was now walking. That gentleman met him in the entrance and accompanied him to his room. There was a light in the fanlight of Oliva’s flat, for she had brought some of her work home to finish, but Mr. Beale’s flat was dark.
This the doctor noted before he closed his own door, and switched on cheap tiffany the light.
“Well, White, have you made up your mind?” he demanded without preliminary.
“I–ah–have and I–ah–have not,” said the cautious adventurer. “Forty thousand is a lot tiffany co terminal 5 of money–a fortune, one might say–yes, a fortune.”
“Have you raised it?”
Mr. White sniffed his objection to this direct examination.
“My broker has very kindly realized the debentures–I am–ah–somewhat indebted to him, and it was necessary to secure his permission and–yes, I have the money at my bank.”
He gazed benignly at the other, as one who conferred a favour by the mere bestowal of his confidences.
“First, doctor–forgive me if I am a little cautious; first I say, it is necessary that I should know a little more about your remarkable scheme, for remarkable I am sure it is.”
The doctor poured out a whisky and soda and passed the glass t tiffany sale o his visitor, who smilingly waved it aside.
“Wine is a mocker,” he said, “nothing stronger than cider has ever passed my lips–pray do not be offended.”
“And yet I seem to remember that you held shares in the Northern Saloon Trust,” said the doctor, with a little curl of his bearded lips.
“That,” said Mr. White hastily, “was a purely commercial–ah–affair. In business one must exploit even the–ah–sins and weaknesses of our fellows.” tiffany co careers
“As to my scheme,” said the doctor, changing the subject, “I’m afraid I must ask you to invest in the dark. I can promise you that you will get your capital back a hundred times over. I realize that you have heard that sort of thing before, and that my suggestion has all the appearance of a confidence trick, except that I do not offer you even the substantial security of a gold brick. I tiffany uk may not use your money–I believe that I shall not. On the other hand, I may. If it is to be of any use to me it must be in my h tiffany co jewelry sale ands very soon–to-morrow.”
He wandered restlessly about the room as he spoke, and jerked his sentences out now to Mr. White’s face, now over his shoulder.
“I will tell you this,” he went on, “my scheme within the narrow interpretation of the law is illegal–don’t mistake me, there is no danger to those who invest in ignorance. I will bear the full burden of responsibility. You can come in or you can stay out, but if you come in I shall ask you never to mention the name of the enterprise to a living soul.”
“The Green Rust Syndicate?” whispered Mr. White fearfully. “What–ah–is Green Rust?”
“I have offered the scheme to my–to a Government. But they are scared of touching it. Scared, by Jove!” He threw up his arms to the ceiling and his voice trembled with passion. “Germany scared! And there was a time when Europe cringed at the clank of the Prussian sword! When the lightest word of Potsdam set ministries trembling in Petrograd and London. You told me the other day you were a pacifist during the war and that you sympathized w ith Prussia in her

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