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“You don’t?” he asked incredulously. “Wel nike air max 1 leopard l, it takes all kinds o’ folks to make a world! I’ve been keepin’ ’em fifteen years, hopin’ I’d get enough more to make a border for our parlor fireplace, and now you don’t take to ’em! Back they go nike air max 1 red to the barn chamber, Maria; Mis’ Carey’s bossin’ this job, and she ain’t got no taste for sea shells. Would you like an old student lamp? I found one that I can bronze up in about two minutes if Mis’ Harmon can hook a shade and chimbly out of Bill’s stock.”
They all stayed in the room until this last feat was accomplished; stayed indeed until the fire in the open sto cheap air max 1 ve had died down to ruddy coals. Then they pulled dow n the shades, lighted the lamp, gave one last admiring look, and went home.
It had meant only a few hours’ thought and labor, with scarcely a penny of expense, but you can judge what Ralph Thurston felt when he entered the door out of the storm outside. To him it looked like a room conjured up by some cheap nike air max 1 magician in a fairy tale. He fell into the rocking-chair and looked at his own fire; gazed about at t nike air max 1 premium he cheer nike air max 1 ebay ful crimson glow that radiated from the dazzling drugget, in a state of puzzled ecstasy, till he caught sight of a card lying near the lamp,–“A birthday present from three mothers who value your work for their boys and girls.”
He knew Mrs. Carey’s handwriting, so he sped to the Yellow House as soon as his supper was over, and now, in the presence of the whole family, he felt tongue-tied and wholly unable to express his gratitude.
It was bed time, and the young people melted away from the fireside.
“Kiss your mother good-night, sweet Pete,” said Nancy, taking the reluctant cherub by the hand. “‘_Ho cheap max 1 c opus, hic labor est_,’ Mr. Thurston, to get the Peter-bird upstairs when once he is down. Shake hands with your future teacher, Peter; no, you mustn’t kiss him; little boys don’t kiss great Latin scholars unless t nike air max 1 black hey are as nike air max 1 grey ked.”
Thurston laughed and lifted the gurgling Peter high in the air. “Good night, old chap!” he said “Hurry up and come to school!”
“I’m ’bout ready now!” piped Peter. “I can read ‘Up-up-my-boy-day-is-not-the-time-for-sleep-the-dew-will-soon-be-gone’ with the book upside down,–can’t I, Muddy?”
“You can, my son; trot along with sister.”
Thurston opened the door for Nan cheap air max 1 cy, and his eye followed her for a second as she mounted the stairs. She glowed like a ruby to-night in her old red cashmere. The sparkle of her eye, the gloss of her hair, the soft red of her lips, the curve and bend of her graceful young body struck even her mother anew, though she was used to her daughter’s beauty. “She is growing!” thought Mrs. Carey wist cheap air 1 fully. “I see it all at once, and soon others will be seeing it!”
Alas! young Ralph nike air max 1 Thurston had nike air max 1 sale seen it for weeks past! He was not perhaps so much in love with Nancy the girl, as he was with Nancy the potential woman. Some of the glamour that surrounded the mother had fallen upon the daughter. One felt the influences that had rained upon Nancy ever since she had come into the world, One could not look at her, nor talk with her, without feeling that her mother–like a vine in the blood, as the old proverb says–was breathing, growing, budding, blossoming in her day by day.
The young teacher came back to the fireplace, where Mother Carey was standing in a momentary brown study. ③

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