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and locked it.
There was a tap at the door and hastily she replaced the key in her bag.
“Come in,” she said.
She recognized the man who stood in the doorway as he who had carried her back to the room.
The leopard print ghds re was a strangeness in his bearing which made her uneasy, a certain subdued hilarity which suggested drunkenness.
“Don’t make a noise,” he whispered with a stifled chuckle, “if Gregory hears he’ll raise fire.”
She saw that the key was in the lock on the outside of the door and this she watched. But he made no attempt to withdraw it and closed the door behind him softly.
“My name is Bridgers,” he whispered, “van Heerden has told you about me–Horace Bridgers, do you—-?”
He took a little tortoiseshell box from the pocket of his frayed waistcoat and opened it with a little kick of his middle finger. It was half-full of white powder that glittered in a stray ray of sunlight. “Try a sniff,” he begged eagerly, “and all your troubles will go–phutt!”
“Thank you, no”–she shook her head, looking at him with a perplexed smile–” cheap ghd air I don’t know what it is.”
“It’s the white terror,” he chuckled again, “better than the green–not so horribly musty as the green, eh?”
“I’m not in the mood for terrors of any kind,” she said, with a half-smile. She wondered why he had come, and had a momentary hope that he was ignorant of van Heerden’s character.
“All right”–he stuffed the box back into his waistcoat pocket–“_you’re_ the loser, you’ll never find heaven on earth!”
She waited.
All the time he was speaking, it seemed to her that he was on the _qui vive_ for some interruption from below. He would stop in his speech to turn a listening ear to the door. Moreover, she was relieved to see he made no attempt to advance any farther into the room. That he was under the influence of some drug she guessed. His eyes glittered with unnatural brilliance, his hands, disc leopard ghd straighteners oloured and uncleanly, moved nervously and were never still.
“I’m Bridgers,” he said again. “I’m van Heerden’s best man–rather a come down for the best analytical chemist that the school ever turned out, eh? Doing odd jobs for a dirty Deutscher!” He walked to the door, opened it and listened, then tiptoed across the room to her.
“You know,” he whispered, “you’re van Heerden’s girl–what is the game?”
“What is—-?” sh ghd straighteners e stammered.
“What is the game? What is it all about? I’ve tried to pump Gregory and Milsom, but they’re mysterious. Curse all mysteries, my dear. What is the game? Why are they sending men to America, Canada, Australia and India? Come along and be a pal! Tell me! I’ve seen the office, I know all about it. Thousands of sealed envelopes filled with steamship tickets and money. Thousands of telegraph forms alr heap ghd hair straighteners uk eady addressed. You don’t fool me!” He hissed the last words almost in her face. “Why is he employing the crocks and the throw-outs of science? Perrilli, Maxon, Boyd Heyler–and me? If the game’s square why doesn’t he take the new men from the schools?”
She shook her head, being, by now, less interested in such revelations as he might make, than in her own personal comfort. For his attitude was grown menacing … then the great idea came to her. Evidently this man knew nothing of the circumstances under which she had come to the house. To him she was a wilful but willing as cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery sistant of the doctor, who for some reason or other it had been necessary to place under restraint.
“I will tell you everything if you will take me back to my home,” she said. “I cannot give you proofs here.”
She saw suspicion gather in his eyes. Then h Cheap leopard print ghd e laughed.
“That won’t wash,” he sneered–“you know it all. I can’t leave here,” he said; “besides, you told me last time that there was nothing. I used to watch you working away at night,” he went on to the girl’s amazement. “I’ve sat looking at you for hours, writing and writing and writing.”
She understood now. She and Hilda Glaum were of about the same build, and she was mistaken for Hilda by this bemused man who had, in all probability, never seen the other girl face to face.
“What made you run away?” he asked suddenly; but with a sudden resolve she brought him back to the subject he had started to discuss.
“What is the use of my telling you?” she asked. “You know as much as I.”
“Only bits,” he replied eagerly, “but I don’t know van Heerden’s game. I know why he’s marrying this other girl, everybody knows that. When i cheap ghd wide plate straighteners s the wedding?”
“What other girl?” she asked.
“Cresswell or Pr edeaux, whatever she calls herself,” said Bridgers carelessly. “She was a store girl, wasn’t she?”
“But”–she tried to speak calmly–“why do you think he wants to marry her?”
He laughed softly.
“Don’t be silly,” he said, “you can’t fool me. Everybody knows she’s worth a million.”
“Worth a million?” she gasped.
“Worth a million.” He smacked his lips and fumbled for the little box in his waistcoat pocket. “Try a sniff–you’ll know what it feels like to be old man Millinborn’s heiress.”
There was a sound in the hall below and he turned with an exaggerated start (she thought it theatrical but could not know of the jangled cheap ghd straighteners £50 nerves of the drug-soddened man which magnified all sound to an intensity which was almost painful).
He opened the door and slid out–and did no cheap ghd straighteners t close the door behind him.
Swiftly she followed, and as she reached the landing saw his head disappear down the stairs. She was in a blind panic; a thousand formless terrors gripped her and turned her resolute soul to water. She could have screamed her relief when she sa cheap ghd flat iron w that the sliding door was half-open–the man had not stopped to close it–and she passed through and down the first flight. He had vanished before she reached the half-way landing and the hall below was empty. It was a wide hall, stone-flagged, with a glass door between her and the open portal.
She flew down the stairs, pulled open the door and ran straight into van Heerden’s arms.
Chapter 17 The Jew Of Cracow
If there were committed in London the crime of the century–a crime so tremendous that the names of the chief actors in this grisly drama were on the lips of every man, woman and talkative child in Europe–you might walk into a certain department of Scotland Yard with the assurance that you would not meet within the confining walls of that bureau any police officer who was interested in the slightest, or who, indeed cheap ghds , had even heard of the occurrence save by accident. This department is known as the Parley Voos or P.V. Department, and concerns itself only in suspicious events beyond the territorial waters of Great Britain and Ireland. Its body is on the Thames Embankment, but its soul is at the Central Office, or at the Surete or even at the Yamen of the police minister of Pekin.
It is sublimely ignorant of the masters of crime who dwell beneath the shadows of the Yard, but it could tell you, without stopping to look up reference, not only the names of the known gunmen of New York, but the composition of almost every secret society in China.
A Pole had a quarrel with a Jew in the streets of Cracow, and they quarrelled over the only matter which is worthy of quarrel in that part of Poland. The sum in dispute was the comparatively paltry ghd outlet one of 260 Kronen, but when the Jew was taken in a dying condition to the hospital he made a statement which was so curious that the Chief of Police in Cracow sent it on to Vienna and Vienna sent it to Berne and Berne scratched its chin thoughtfully and sent it forward to Paris, where it was distributed to Rio de Janeiro, New York, and London.
The Assistant Chief of the P.V. Department came out of his room and drifted aimlessly into the uncomfortable bureau of Mr. McNorton.
“There’s a curious yarn through from Cracow,” he said, “which might interest your friend Beale.”
“What is it?” asked McNorton, who invariably found th

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