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Fillets of Plaice
Fried Sole
Savoury Omelet
Kidneys and Bacon
Cold Meats.

I looked at this array like one in a dream, realising that I had lost the power of selection, and remembering the scientific fact that unused faculties perish for want of exercise. The man who was servi cheap nike air max ng us rattled his tray, shifted his weight wearily from one foot to the other and cleared his throat suggestively; until at last I said hastily, “Bacon and eggs, please,” and Salemina, the most critical person in the party, murmured, “The same.”
It is odd to see how soon, if one has a strong nike air max 95 sense of humanity, one feels at home in a foreign country. I, at least, am never impressed by the differences, but only by the similarities, between English-speaking peoples. We take part in the life about us here, living each experience as fully as we can, whether it be a ‘hiring fair’ in Donegal or a pilgrimage to the Doon ‘Well of Healing.’ Not the least part of the pleasure is to watch its effect upon the Derelict. Where, or in what way, could three persons hope to gain as much return from a monthly expenditure of twenty dollar nike air max s, added to her living and travelling expenses, as we have had in Miss Benella Dusenbe nike air max 90 rry? We sometimes ask ourselves what we found to do with our time before she came into the family, and yet she is as busy as possible herself.
Having twice singed Francesca’s beautiful locks, she no longer attempts hair-dressing; while she never accomplishes the lacing of an evening dress without putting her knee in the centre of your back once, at least, during the operation. She can button shoes, and she can nike air max 1 mend and patch and darn to perfection; she has a frenzy for small laundry operations, and, after washing the windows of her room, she adorns every pane of glass with a fine cambric handkerchief, and, stretching a line between the bedpost and the bureau knob, she hangs out her white neckties and her bonnet strings to dry. She ha s learned to pack reasonably well, too. But if she has another passion beside those of washing and mending, it is for making bags. She buys scraps of gingham and print, and makes cases of every possible size and for every possible purpose; so that all our personal property, roughly speaking–hair-brushes, shoes, writing materials, pincushions, photographs, underclothing, gloves, medicines,–is bagged. The strings in the bags pull both ways, and nothing is commoner than to see Benella open and close cheap nike air max seventeen or eighteen of them when she is searching for Francesca’s rubbers or my gold thimble. But what other lad cheap nike air max y’s-maid or travelling companion ever had half the Derelict’s unique charm and interest, half her conversational power, her unusual and original defects and virtues? Put her in a third-class carriage when we go ‘first,’ and she makes friends with all her fellow-travellers, discussing Home Rule or Free Silver with the utmost prejudice and vehemence, and freeing her mind on any point, to the delight of the natives. Occasionally, when borne along by the nike air max 90 sale joy of argument, she forgets to change at the point of junction, and has to be found and dragged out of the railway carriage; occasionally, too, she is left behind when taking a cheerful cup of tea at a way station, but this is comparatively seldom. Her storie nike air max sale s of life belowstairs in the various inns and hotels, her altercations with housemaid or boots or landlady in our behalf, all add a zest to the day’s doings.
Benella’s father was an itinerant preacher, her mother the daughter of a Vermont farmer; and although she was left an orphan at ten years, educating and supporting herself as best she could after that, she is as truly a combination of both parents as her name is a union of their two names.
“I’m so ‘fraid I shan’t run across any of grandmother’s folks over here, after all,” she said yesterday, “though I ask every nice-appearin’ person I meet anywheres if he or she’s any kin to Mary Boyce nike air max classic of Trim; and then, again, I’m scared to death for fear I shall find I’m own cousin to one of these here critters that ain’t brushed their hair nor washed their apurns for a month o’ nike air max sale Sundays! I declare, it keeps me real nerved up… I think it’s partly the climate that makes ’em so slack,” she philosophised, pinning a new bag on her knee, and preparing to backstitch the seam. “There’s nothin’ like a Massachusetts winter for puttin’ the git-up-an’-git into you. Land! you’ve got to move round smart, or you’d freeze in your tracks. These warm, moist places always makes folks lazy; and when they’re hot enough, if you take notice, it makes heathen of ’em. It always seems so queer to me that real hot weather and the Christian religion don’t seem to git along together. P’r’aps it’s just as well that the idol-worshippers should get used to heat in this world, for they’ll have it consid’able hot in the next one, I guess! And see here, Mrs. Beresford, will you get me ten cents’–I mean nike air max sixpence–worth o’ red cheap nike air max trainers gingham to make Miss Monroe a bag for Mr. Macdonald’s letters? They go sprawlin’ all over her trunk; and there’s so many of ’em I wish to the land she’d send ’em to the bank while she’s travellin’!”
Chapter 20 We Evict A Tenant
‘Soon as you lift the latch, little ones are meeting you,
Soon as you’re ‘neath the thatch, kindly looks are greeting you;
Scarcely have you time to be holding out the fist to them–
Down by the fireside you’re sitting in the midst of them.’
Francis Fahy.
Roothythanthrum Cottage,
Knockcool, County Tyrone. ③

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