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“Come, my beloved, haste away,
Cut short the hours of thy delay.
Fly like a youthful hart or roe
Over the hills where spices grow.”

At nike air max length the strains of the favorite old tune faded on the ears of the delighted audience. Then they had The Portland Fancy and The Irish Washerwoman and The College Hornpipe, and at last the clock in the carriage house struck midnight and the guests departed in groups of twos and threes and fours, their cheerful voices sounding far down the village street.
Osh Popham stayed behind to cover the piano, put out the lanterns, close the doors and windows, and lock the barn, while Mrs. Carey and the Admiral strolled slowly along the greensward to the side door of the house.
“Good-night,” Osh called happily as he passed them a few minutes later. “I guess Beulah never see a party such as ourn w cheap nike air max as, this evenin’! I guess if the truth was known, the State o’ Maine never did, neither! Good-night, all! Mebbe if I hurry along I can nike air max 90 ketch up with Maria!”
His quick steps brushing the grassy pathway could be heard for some minutes in the clear still air, and presently the sound of his mellow tenor came floating back:–

“Come, my beloved, haste away,
Cut short the hours of thy delay.
Fly like a youthful hart or roe
Over the hills where spices grow.”

Julia had gone upstairs with the sleepy Peter-bird, who had been enjoying his first experience of la cheap nike air max te hours on the occasion of Nancy’s coming out; the rest of the young folks were gathered in a group under the elms, chatting in couples,–Olive and Ralph Thurston, Kathleen and Cyril Lord, Nancy and Tom Hamilton. Then they parted, Tom Hamilton strolling to the country hot nike air max 95 el with the young school teacher for companion, while Olive and Cyril walked across the fields to the House of Lords.
It was a night Cheap Nike Air Max 1 in a thousand. The air was warm, clear, and breathlessly still; so still that not a leaf stirred on the trees. The sky was cloudless, and the moon, brilliant and luminous, shone as it seldom shines in a northern clime. The water was low in Beulah’s shining river and it ran almost noiselessly un nike air max 90 sale der the bridge. While Kathleen and Julia were still unbraiding their hair, exclaiming at every twist of the hand as to the “loveliness” of the party, Nancy had kissed her mother and crept silently into bed. All night long the strains of The Tempest ran through her dreams. There was the touch of a strange hand on hers, an altogether new touch, warm and compelling. There was the gay trooping down the nike air max sale centre of the barn in fours,–some one by her side who had never been there before,–and a sensation entirely new and intoxicating, that whenever she met the glance of h Nike Air Max 1 er partner’s merry dark eyes she found herself at the bottom of them.
Was she a child when she heard Osh Popham cry: “Take your partners for The Tempest!” and was she a woman when he called: “All promenade to seats!” She hardly knew. Beulah was a dream; the Yellow House was a dream, the dance was a dream, the partner was a dream. At one moment she was a child helping her father to plant the crimson rambler, at another she was a woman pulling a rose from the topmost branch and giving it to some one who steadied her hand on the trellis; some one who said “Thank you” and “Good-night” differently from the rest of the world.
Who was the young stranger? Was h nike air max classic e the Knight of Beulah Castle, the Overlord of the Yellow House, was he the Yellow Peril, was he a good bird to whom Mother Carey’s chicken had shown the way home? Still the dream went on in bewildering circles, and Nancy kept hearing mysterious phrases spoken with a new meaning,–“Will you dance with me?” “Doesn’t the House of Carey need another prop?” “Won’t you give me a rose?” and above all: “You sent your love to any one of the Hamilton children who should be of the right si nike air max 1 ze; I was just the right size, and I took it!”
“Love couldn’t be sent in a letter!” expostulated Nancy in the dream; and somebody, in the dream, always answered, “Don’t be so sure! Very strange things happen when Mother Carey’s messengers go out over the seas. Don’t you remember how they spoke to Tom in ‘The Water Babies’?–Among all the songs that came across the water one was more sweet and clear than all, for it was the song of a young girl’s voice…. And what was the song that she sung?… Have patience, keep your eye single and your hands clean, and you will learn some day to sing it yourself, without needing cheap nike air max trainers any man to teach you!”
The End

Chapter 1 We Emulate The Rollo Books
‘Sure a terrible time I was out o’ the way,
Over the sea, over the sea,
Till I come to Ireland one sunny day,–
Betther for me, betther for me:
The first time me fut got the feel o’ the ground
I was strollin’ along in an Irish city
That hasn’t its aquil the world around
For the air that is sweet an’ the girls that are pretty.’
–Moira O’Neill.
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