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That was just what Mother Carey was wondering when Nancy spoke, and as the result of several hours’ reflection she went out for a walk just before dusk and made her way towards The Cedars w air max ith a package under her cloak.
She followed the long lane that cheap nike air max led to the house, and knocked at the front door rather timidly. In her own good time Mrs. Bangs answered the knock and admitted Mrs. Carey into the dreariest sitting room she had ever entered.
“I am Mrs. Carey from the Hamilton house,” she said to Mrs. Bangs. “Will you ask Mr. Lord if he will see me for a moment?”
Mrs. Bangs was stupefied at the request, for, in her time, scarcely a single caller from the village had crossed the threshold, although there had been occasional visitors from Portland or Boston.
Mrs. Carey waited a few moments, silently regarding the unequalled bareness, ugliness, and cheerlessness of the room. “Olive has a sense of beauty,” she thought, “and Olive is sixteen; it is Olive who ought to make this place different from what it is, nike air max sale and she can, unless her father is the stumbling-block in the way.”
At this moment the possible stumbling-block, Henry Lord, Ph.D., came in and greeted her civilly. His manner was never genial, for there was neither love in his heart nor warm blood in his veins; but he was nike air max courteous, nike air max for he was an educated fossil, of good birth and up-bringing. He had been dissecting specimens in his workroom, and he looked capable of dismembering Mother Carey; but bless your heart, she had weapons in her unseen armory that were capable of bringing confusion to his paltry apparatus!–among others a delicate, slender little sword that pierced deep on occasion.
Henry Lord was of medium height; sp nike air max 95 are, clean-shaven, thin-lipped, with scanty auburn hair, high forehead, and small keen eyes, especially adapted to the microscope, though ill nike air max 90 fitted to use in friendly conversat nike air max 90 sale ion.
“We are neighbors, Professor Lord, though we have never met,” said Mrs. Carey, rising and giving him her hand.
“My children know you better than I,” he answered, “and I feel it very kind in you to allow them to call on you so frequently.” They had lived at the Yellow House for four months save at meal times, but as cheap nike air max their father was unaware of the number and extent of their visits Mrs. Carey thought it useless to speak of them, so she merely said:
“It is a great pleasure to have them with us. My children have left many friends behind them in Massachusetts and elsewhere, and might have been lonely in Beulah; besides, I often think the larger cheap nike air max the group (within certain limits), the better chance children have of learning how to live.”
“I should certainly not have permitted Olive a nd Cyril to attend the local academy but for your family,” said Professor Lord. “These country schools never have any atmosphere of true scholarliness, and the speech and manners nike air max 1 of both teachers and pupils are execrable.”
“I dare say that is often the case. If the academies could furnish such teachers as existed fifty years ago; and alas! if we parents could furnish such vigorous, determined, ambitious, self-denying pupils as used to be sent out from country homes, we should have less to complain of. Of course we are peculiarly fortunate here in Beulah.”
Mr. Lord looked faintly amused and infinitely superior. “I am afraid, my dear lady, cheap nike air max trainers ” he remarked, “that you have not had long e nike air max classic nough experience to comprehend the slenderness of Mr. Philpot’s mental equipment.”
“Oh, Mr. Philpot resigned nearly three months ago,” said Mrs. Carey easily, giving Henry Lord, Ph.D., her first stab, and a look of amusement on her own behalf. “Ralph Thurston, the present principal, is a fine, unusual fellow.”
“Really? The children have never mentioned any change, but I regret to say I am absent-minded at meals. The death of my wife left many gaps in the life of the household.”
“So that you have to be mother and father in one!” (Stab two: very delicately delivered.)
“I fear I am too much of a student to be called a good family man.” ③

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