HP Slate 7 Android tablet still on for April launch, 353

HP Slate 7 Android tablet still on for April launch, company confirms HP has confirmed that it is still on-track to launch its Slate 7 tablet this month, after a mistake on the company’s website suggested a schedule slip that would see the device drop back to June. HP’s first mainstream tablet product since the ill-fated TouchPad, which was was killed off and heavily discounted to get rid of stock mere months after launch, the Slate 7 drops the webOS platform of its spiritual predecessor for Google’s Android and lowers the display size from 10.1in to a more pocketable 7in. Announced by the company at MWC in February, the Slate 7 includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running on a dual-core 1.6GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. The 7in display is a mid-range 1,024×600 HFFS panel that is unlikely to offer much competition to the increasing number of high-resolution and even Full HD tablets on the market today, while the 8GB of on-board storage can be expanded using a micro-SD card slot. In short: HP is starting simple, aiming at the lower end of the tablet market with its latest device – a fact confirmed by HP’s announcement that the device would launch in April at a bargain-basement $169 (around £112 excluding taxes.) That launch date was brought into question last week, however, when HP’s own website stated that the Slate 7 would now not be launching until some time in June – two months after it was supposed to appear on shop shelves. According to HP, that was a mistake – and production is on-track for an April launch. Speaking to CRN, the company claimed that the appearance of a June launch date was “inaccurate,” and the tablet’s US launch would still be occurring in April – a fact now backed-up by a modified website page. Thus far, however, the company has yet to announce international availability for the device.For more information, please visit 7 android 4.0 tablet

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