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Beale smiled.
“That’s not much use,” he said, “he’s probably got two or three number-plates.”
He looked at his watch.
“I’ll go along to Kingston,” he said.
“I shan’t be able to come with you,” said McNorton, “I have a meeting with the commissioner at five.”
“Before you go,” remarked Beale, “you might put your signature to this declaration of my _bona fides_.”
He laid on the table a blue foolscap blank.
“What’s this?” asked the surprised McNorton, “an application for a special licence–are you going to be married?”
“I hope so,” said the other cautiously.
“You don’t seem very cheerful about it. I presume you want me to testify to the urgency of the case. I am probably perjuring myself.” He signed his name with a flourish. “When are you getting the cheap jordans sale licence and what’s the hurry?”
“I am getting the licence to-morrow,” said Beale.
“And the lady’s name is—-?”
“I thought you had noticed it,” smiled the other, deftly blotting and folding the form.
“Not Miss Cresswell?” demanded the police chief in surprise.
“Miss Cresswell it is.”
“But I thought—-”
“There are circumstances which may be brought to your official notice, McNorton,” said the detective, “for the present it is necessary to keep my plan a secret.”
“Has it anything to do with the Green Rust?” asked the other jokingly.
“A great deal to do with the Green Rust.”
“Well, I’ll get along,” said McNorton. “I will telephone the Kingston police to give you all the assistance possible, but I am afraid you will learn nothing from the tramp till the morning, and perhaps not then.”
He took his leave soon after.
“Now, Hom nike jordans for kids o, nike jordans it is up to you and me,” said Beale. “You will have to keep close to me after to-morrow. Make yourself at home here until I come back.”
“One moment,” said Homo, as Beale rose and gathered up his hat and gloves to depart. “Before you go I want you to understand clearly that I am taking on this job because it offers me a chance that I haven’t had since I fell from grace, if you will excuse the _cliche_.”
“That I cheap nike jordans understand,” said Beale.
“I may be doing you a very bad turn.”
“I’ll take that risk,” said Beale.
“On your own head be it,” said Homo, his hard face creased in a fleeting smile.
Beale’s car was waiting, but his departure was unexpectedly delayed. As he passed down the stairs into the vestibule he saw a stranger standing n nike jordans cheap ear the door reading the enamelled name-plates affixed to the wall. Something in his appearance arrested Beale. The man was well dressed in the sense that his clothes were new and well cut, but the pattern of the cloth, no less than the startling yellowness of the boots and that unmistakable sign-manual of the foreigner, the shape and colour of the cravat, stamped him as being neither American nor British.
“Can I be of any assistance?” asked Beale. “Are you looking for somebody?”
The visitor turned a pin nike jordans retro k face to him.
“You are very good,” he said with the faint trace of an accent. “I understand that Doctor van Heerden lives here?”
“Yes, he lives here,” said Beale, “but I am afraid he is not at home.”
He thought it might be a patient or a su nike jordans for men mmons to a patient.
“Not at home?” The man’s face fell. “But how unfortunate! Could you tell me where I can find him, my business is immediate and I have come a long way.”
From Germany, guessed Beale. The mail train was due at Charing Cross half an hour before.
“I am a friend of Doctor van Heerden and possibly I can assist you. Is the business very important? Does it concern,” he hesitated, “the Green Rust?”
He spoke the last sentence in German and the man started and looked at him with mingled suspicion and uncertainty.
“It is a matter of the greatest importance,” he repeated, “it is nike air jordans retro of vital importance.”
He spoke in German.
“About the Green Rust?” asked nike jordans son of mars Beale, in the same language.
“I do not know anything of the Green Rust,” said the man hurriedly. “I am merely the bearer of a communication which is of the greatest importance.” He repeated the words–“the greatest importance.”
“If you give me the letter,” said Beale, “I will see that it is sent on to him,” and he held out his hand with the assurance of one who shared the dearest secrets of the doctor. The stranger’s hand wandered to his breast pocket, but came back empty.
“No, it must be nike jordans release dates given–I must see the doctor himself,” he said. “He does not expect me and I will wait.”
Beale thought quickly.
“Well, perhaps you will come upstairs to my flat and wait,” he said genially, and led the way, and the man, still showing evidence of uneasiness, was us jordans hered into his room, where the sight of the Rev. Parson Homo tended to reassure him.
Would he have tea? He would not have tea. Would he take coffee? He would not take coffee. A glass of wine perhaps? No, he did not drink wine nor beer, nor would he take any refreshment whatever.
“My man,” thought the desperate Beale, “I either chloroform you or hit you on the head with the poker, but I am going to see that letter.”
As if divining his thought, but placing thereon a wrong construction, the man said:
“I should avail myself of your kindness to deliver my letter to Doctor van Heerden, but of what service would it be since it is only a letter introducing me to the good doctor?”
“Oh, is that all?” said Beale, disappointed, a cheap jordans nd somehow he knew the man spoke the truth.
“That is all,” he said, “except of course my message, which i nike jordans retro 4 s verbal. My name is Stardt, you may have heard the doctor speak of me.

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